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  1. htownkidd

    Canes showing interest in 4-star DB Ortiz

    Minnesota?!? Yawn. Good luck, kid.
  2. htownkidd

    2021 WR Lemeke Brockington receives offer

    Kid looks like he has some serious juice. I still like quite a few of our in state options but this kid wouldn’t be a bad take at all IMO.
  3. htownkidd

    Julian Armella

    He’s a Nole legacy, believe his pops played there.
  4. htownkidd

    Hope we slide in...(2021 OL)

    I don’t disagree.
  5. htownkidd

    Hope we slide in...(2021 OL)

    We’ll see where he signs ..... he can commit to SMU tomorrow, they will have to sweat that out til December/February after that kid visits Bama/UGA/LSU etc ...
  6. htownkidd

    2021 RB Katravis Geter receives offer

    Blah Better sign Thad.
  7. htownkidd

    Nyair Graham offered

  8. htownkidd

    Bubba Bolden

    Lol, idc if he runs through people or not. He gets his man on the ground and does it very well. The defense looked a lot better with him in there and he was just starting to hit his stride before he went down.
  9. htownkidd

    Best individual performance by an opponent?

    Every QB in the last 10 years who made their first appearance against us.
  10. htownkidd

    Jensen Beach DB Offered Today - Da'Quan Gonzales , 2021

    Looks like a fvcking stud to me.
  11. htownkidd

    2021 5* Speculation

    Vandarius Cowan. Kicked off Bama and is now at WVU I believe. Kid was a stud prospect but yeah he’s a knucklehead but he’s a kid. Hopefully he stays in line and matures up there cause he has NFL talent.
  12. htownkidd

    Romello Brinson Latest

    TAMU has a staff full of hogs on the trail so not surprised to hear this. With that being said, he could commit to TAMU tomorrow and I’d still feel good in saying that we would still have our chance to get him back on board before it’s all said and done. We should NEVER get out recruited for a...
  13. htownkidd

    Chamon Metayer

  14. htownkidd

    Chamon Metayer

  15. htownkidd

    Willie Moise

    It’s no way we can be considering not taking him, lol. I refuse to believe that. Why is that even being discussed? He is a talented big man that can be a starter on either side.
  16. htownkidd

    Willie Moise

    Lol, really? How many times have we said that about our kids but they still left early? Like that fvcking matters ...
  17. htownkidd

    STA star OT Armella beginning to blow up, lands UM offer

    We need to run the fvcking score up on FSU in November ....
  18. htownkidd

    2021 4-Star RB Cody Brown Offered

    Definitely not a burner but I'd take this kid. I understand most probably want a burner to pair with Franklin and that is 1000% understandable but good backs comes in all shapes and sizes and plenty of good CFB backs aren't burners. Him and Franklin would be two hammers, you take a smurf...