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  1. Empirical Cane

    We Are Now At End Times

    We have now reached the end of humanity as we know it. If you can't have a drug fueled kink party during these days, what is there to really live for? When I first read article, I really thought is was going...
  2. Empirical Cane

    COVID-19 Public Service Announcement

  3. Empirical Cane

    Latest COVID-19 Math 👆absolute latest data from Johns Hopkins (hardly a conservative or right leaning institution) 👆PRE-RELEASE and PRE-PEER REVIEW research study calling for the revision upwards of China's infected...
  4. Empirical Cane

    NSAIDs and COVID-19

    TAKE WITH GRAIN OF SALT...DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH My family has several MDs, very senior ones. They are seeing/hearing ANECDOTAL evidence--NOT ACTUAL...
  5. Empirical Cane

    Summer Olympics Delayed

    Postponed up to 1 year.
  6. Empirical Cane

    Lost Control Of The Locker Room

    In the spirit of Richt annually losing control of the locker room, the mods have lost control of this OT section. It has descended into 1/2 wild west bar room brawl and 1/2 benny hill episode.
  7. Empirical Cane

    Throw Up The IJJB Signal

    In this hour of darkness... Bonds are being broken. Chaos is upon us. WHERE DA FUG IS OUR MAN IJJB DROPPING TRUTH BOMBS AND Ms FROM HIS BANK ACCOUNT? MUTHAF[]CKAHS!
  8. Empirical Cane

    Expectations: Z McCloud

    What are the realistic expectations for Z McCloud leading the D in 2020?
  9. Empirical Cane

    OT: Room and Board

    Question: If your kiddo was sent home from University due to Corona Virus shutdown, do you as mom and dad pay the room and board bill still? My guess is the very fine print in the contract has a force majuer clause. Any Canes fans dealing with this now???
  10. Empirical Cane

    Washington State

    IF TRUE... Governor of Washington State just suspended all K-12 until first week of April. 1) Idiocy 2) He is trying to drive a recession...and itt likely will... 3) What happens to all the hard working families who rely on schooling as child care? Irresponsible.
  11. Empirical Cane

    Best DL in ACCCD for 2020?

    Who do you have as best ACCCD DL in 2020? Whose DL in ACCCD will give Miami's OL and Lashlee O the most trouble in 2020? I suspect UVA is going to be tough out, perhaps UNC, but might be a year away.
  12. Empirical Cane

    State of Miami: Myth Busted I, and others, have been saying this forever: internet connectivity and social media have permanently changed CFB recruiting forever and where recruits end up. IF internet/social media existed back in his day...
  13. Empirical Cane

    OT: J Jeudy at Combine

    From the "you can't make this up" files... NFL Draft prospect Jerry Jeudy explains why he wears Star of David necklace Good receiver, perhaps no Einstein. See what I did there?
  14. Empirical Cane

    XFL Buy/Sell

    XFL through week 2... Buy/sell? I remain a buy. PJ and Cardell with excellent play. Wouldn't be surprised if rules innovations (at least some) eventually make their way into NFL. Smart changes for sure.
  15. Empirical Cane

    QUESTION: Knowing 2019, Would You Still Choose Diaz As 2020 HC?

    It's a given how muppets will answer this question, so save the climate and spare the world your aerobic and anaerobic respirations. For serious posters here, knowing 2019, would you still honestly choose Manuela to lead our 2020 Canes? I suspect with deliberate thought, most if not all...
  16. Empirical Cane

    Possibly The Most Powerful Porsting Weapon Every Created

    CIS. With great power comes great responsibility. Choose wisely as you wield it.
  17. Empirical Cane

    You Never Go Full Kellen Winslow Jr

    Never go full Kellen Winslow Jr. WTF is wrong with people? EVERYBODY knows you spark one off in the grocery store produce aisle..NOT the parking lot. Perv sicko.
  18. Empirical Cane

    Restrictions on CoS w/ Recruits and Players

    What are the actual restrictions on CoS wrt recruits and players? I thought I read E Reed can't go to in-homes, but can be present for on-campus. He can be on sideline, but can't engage in coaching activities. Thoughts?
  19. Empirical Cane

    *Two-Zero E Reed, Boi...Hired as Chief of Staff*

    We have all observed this for YEARS. E Reed 100% spot on.
  20. Empirical Cane

    Offense Question: What Would You Rather Have - QB vs OL?

    Granted having #1 QB and #1 OL unit is ideal... If you had to run a season, would you rather have: #1 QB w/ #130 OL unit or #130 QB w/ #1 OL unit For me, #1 OL enables far more than a #1 QB in terms of consistent Ws....