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  1. JMR13

    2021/2022 prospects name schools they are interested in

    Came across this twitter page dude has been going around High Schools asking top players schools they are interested in, going to link the twitter to see for yourselves but also going to list the notable kids who we are targeting for the upcoming cycles for the ones who dont twitter or cant be...
  2. JMR13

    Bud Elliots bold predictions for 2020 3 and 7 concern UM but had to share he predicts Uf to win theSEC lol
  3. JMR13

    2021 CB Deuce Harmon TX 5'9 Corner out of Guyer HS in Texas 6A football best of the best. One of the best Junior DB films I have watched for this class. Kid is a little undersized but his physical traits all test off the charts. 4.5 forty 4.3 shuttle 40 inch vertical...
  4. JMR13

    Jarren Williams new home....... FIU?

    Beat ya @nystateofmind if ya cant beat butch join him
  5. JMR13

    OT- Chase Brice to the Portal

    Grad Transfer has 2 years to play Rumors point to Georgia however
  6. JMR13

    Frank Paredes- Walk-on Guard

    Guard out of Belen, 6-4 325lbs, Senior Season was cut short due to an ankle injury. Was hearing from FIU (PWO) and IVY leagues (Dartmouth, and Princeton) Signed with Don Yesterday at Belen.
  7. JMR13

    Contact Period In-Home Visits Tracker

    Week 1 Sunday, Dec. 1st Brian Balom - Diaz, Banda Elijah Roberts - Diaz, Baker, Stroud, Banda Don Chaney Jr. - Diaz, Hickson Monday, Dec. 2nd Dominic Mammarelli - Diaz, Field Keyshawn Greene - Baker, Patke Jaiden Francois - Diaz, Banda Keshawn Washington- Diaz, Banda Jonathan Denis - Diaz...
  8. JMR13

    Deerfield vs Columbus playoff game

    Will provide updates for those who care
  9. JMR13

    Running thread for Saturday's visitors

    Going to try and add as we find out who's coming, Commits: Don Chaney Daran Branch Dominic Mammarelli Quentin Williams Marcus Fleming Willie Moise Elijah Roberts AJ Mathis Xavier Restrepo Antonio Smith Justin Hodges Jaiden Francois Romello Height Michael Redding Chantz Williams (Sunday) Jalen...
  10. JMR13

    Ivins opening scoop

    Spots are filling up fast Has heard from mutiple sources that the staff wants to take a "Full Class" no number exactly just the term the staff is using After gathering info on Chantz Williams he threw a CB in for Miami, if he does indeed pick us he feels we are done on the dline, but will...
  11. JMR13

    John Richt's new career

    Has to be a troll?
  12. JMR13

    Bryce Langston....

    DE-commits from UF
  13. JMR13

    Ivins Update 1/29

    Diaz going solo to in home with Bogle, is expected on an unofficial this weekend Diaz and staff going in homewith Pickens on Friday, says Auburn still looks like the landing spot Says the Williams CB's to LSU are premature, and the kid hasnt made up his mind yet, Diaz and assistants to meet...