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  1. GojiraCane

    NCAA To Consider a CFB Salary Cap

    NCAA Commission to Study Efficacy of Salary Cap Indianapolis, IN (UT) - Sources within the offices of Recruiting and Competitive Balance have indicated that the NCAA is prepared to launch a comprehensive study to determine the need for a salary cap. And while the earnings of coaches have indeed...
  2. GojiraCane

    If the 2020 Season Is Cancelled - Questions

    1. Does everyone still lose a year of eligibility with the 2020 season counting? 2. If not, for the 2021 season does the NCAA make a one year allowance for the number of scholarships and increase it? If they are stuck at 85, we could see chaos the likes that has never been seen before as...
  3. GojiraCane

    Early 2000s Miami Hurricanes Wallpaper

    Some UM wallpaper that used to be up on the Miami website in the early 2000s that I saved.
  4. GojiraCane

    1994 FSU Game - A Request

    Back in 1994 my friends and I headed down the Orange Bowl and watched Miami beat the heck out of FSU. But for this game we brought something a bit special...a large banner that read Bobby Bowden Is the AntiChrist. We had this up in the student section, and one of my lasting memories of the game...
  5. GojiraCane

    OT - What Happened to Yatil Green?

    I was always curious what happened to the former wide receiver after he left Miami. After sustaining those two consecutive ACL injuries in successive camps, Yatil made it finally onto the field and played for the Dolphins in 1999. In 2000 he went to Oakland (or the Jets...cannot remember) but...
  6. GojiraCane

    Theme Song for 2020 Season?

    I'd posted about this right after the 2019 season and dedicated the following version of Fix You as the 2020 off-season theme: Following a seemingly astoundingly successful six week interim, I'd like to post the same question for the 2020 season itself. My personal choice?
  7. GojiraCane

    Miami Recruiting By State, By Coach

    The following stats represent recruiting by state for Larry Coker (2002 - 2006), Randy Shannon (2007 - 2010), Al Golden (2011 - 2015), Mark Richt (2016 - 2018), and Manny Diaz (2019 - present). Transfers are included in these numbers.
  8. GojiraCane

    Roster Composition (Updated to 2/1/2020, with 247 Sports ratings)

    The following roster levels have been updated to reflect 247Sports rankings. Previous entries had been for Rivals alone Some immediate callouts: This is the fourth straight year that we have brought in double digit four/five star players (either through HS or transfers). The last such streak...
  9. GojiraCane

    Roster Composition (Updated to 1/25/2020)

    Updated to account for Williams and Patchan entering the portal: QUARTERBACKS (5) N'Kosi Perry (4 stars) Tate Martell (4 stars) Tyler Van Dyke (4 stars) D'Eriq King (3 stars) Peyton Matocha (2 stars) WIDE RECEIVERS (9) Mark Pope (5 stars) Mike Harley (4 stars) Jeremiah Payton (4 stars)...
  10. GojiraCane

    Hightower question

    From a roster standpoint in terms of scholarships...thinking of this now and wanted to confirm if this is accurate If Hightower were to return tomorrow, he'd still technically be a 2018 signee If so, obviously this doesn't count towards the three remaining scholarships that we have left...
  11. GojiraCane

    Roster Composition and Numbers (updated to 1/20/2020)

    With the signing of D'Eriq King and Quincy Roche, we now stand at 78 scholarship players. This number is subject to Willie Moise actually signing and Cleveland Reed being back on campus.
  12. GojiraCane

    OT - Did Uncle Luke Turn Against The Hurricanes?

    Just curious for an answer from those potentially in the know. Luther Campbell was at one point a big Miami Hurricanes fan and booster, but in recent years appears to be noticeably against the program. Did Campbell fully turn against the Hurricanes? I recall back in 1995 that he threatened to...
  13. GojiraCane

    Hurricanes Historic Roster Attrition (updated to 1/17/2020)

    Here's a quick look at two trendlines: 1. Players from a class who never arrived 2. Players from a class who left within two seasons Per the first category, we've improved on this immensely. Both Shannon and early-Al Golden repeatedly took kids who never saw the practice field for the U. The...
  14. GojiraCane

    Presuming King Signs - Effects on Recruiting?

    Curious what you all think of the affect of King signing with Miami having on recruiting for the remainder of this cycle...does this give us a boost?
  15. GojiraCane

    Roster Composition and Numbers (updated to 1/17/2020)

    Numbers updated as of today: QUARTERBACKS (5) N'Kosi Perry (4 stars) Jarren Williams (4 stars) Tate Martell (4 stars) Tyler Van Dyke (4 stars) Peyton Matocha (2 stars) WIDE RECEIVERS (8) Mark Pope (5 stars) Mike Harley (4 stars) Jeremiah Payton (4 stars) Michael Redding (4 stars) Xavier...
  16. GojiraCane

    When Did It Go Off The Rails For Enos at Miami?

    I ask this question not in relation to on-the-field, but behind the scenes. From insiders and such, has there been any stories about when the relationship with CMD and Enos began to sour? Likewise, when did it start to go off the rails between him and his offensive players (if indeed it did so)...
  17. GojiraCane

    What's More Important - Manny failing in 2020 or the Hurricanes succeeding in 2020?

    I get it - Miami losing to FIU, Duke, and Louisiana Tech in ignominious fashion really soured me on the current regime. I expected CMD would have no qualms about making an offensive coordinator change after NSD and/or the Bowl, and he unsurprisingly did so. That said, in reading the comments...