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  1. ssvir

    Class Impact: Marcus Crowley exits

    Hopefully the only thing he's eating is a **** sandwich
  2. ssvir

    OT - Coronavirus

    Its 2% now and will be less than 1%. Please tell me this is some schtick of yours and you're not really this dumb.
  3. ssvir

    OT - Coronavirus

    Are you an idiot or a Russian bot? Its only 3.4% b/c the law of large numbers hasn't hit yet. Every expert (including Fauci) has it currently at 2% or less and the eventual number will be less than 1%.
  4. ssvir

    Diaz runs down team heading into spring break

    Cool story bro.
  5. ssvir

    Remember this name

    Unless you are a 4 or 5* or can't handle an Ivy academically you have to go to Harvard/Yale/Penn.
  6. ssvir

    2020 Miami nfl combine thread

  7. ssvir

    D'Eriq King?

  8. ssvir

    Alonzo Fontenette

    Definitely ... considering all of the Florida wide receivers we've gotten the last 5 years that have been great college players.
  9. ssvir

    Spring Game Question

    Exactly. Catering to the 5k max students that would attend games instead of the 55k paying fans = dumb.
  10. ssvir

    Bandy Draft Analysis

    As stated above, the "come back and finish degree" means 1) they still have to find the time to do that and 2) they don't get all of their food, housing, stipend, training, etc paid for.
  11. ssvir

    Bandy Draft Analysis

    You have beef chuck for brains then.
  12. ssvir

    Way to early college football rankings out......

    Jiminy Crickets
  13. ssvir

    Deep Thourghts

  14. ssvir

    Rivals Camp: WR v. DB

    No Stellato vs Salla in the mayonnaise challenge?
  15. ssvir

    Tate has a future at Miami

    Those aren't fake champ. Those are real and they are magnificent.
  16. ssvir

    Another OT:SNL

    Somebody is off their meds.
  17. ssvir

    Lamar Thomas - Kentucky Question

    This. This guy can choke on a bag o dicks.
  18. ssvir

    Zo deal off (for now). I'll take the L

    I hope this ginger asshat gets skin cancer and has to move to Antartica to spend the remaining days of his life in agonizing pain.
  19. ssvir

    GR would have had the most sacks in 2019 if he doesn't ride the bench for 5 games

    He was limited in camp b/c of a back injury and had to work his way into full snaps playing shape but let's ignore those facts and continue to post more moronic **** about GR15 "riding the bench" like the 20k other threads that dopes made weren't sufficient.