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  1. Insanecane

    I am not sure who I want to start at QB?

    I’d like to start the QB with the finer sister.
  2. Insanecane

    Day #2 Post Practice Interviews

    Frankly I find that the most intelligent people are able to express themselves in fairly short and creative ways.
  3. Insanecane

    Robert Knowles is a true Cane

    That's fair. I don't want Knowles to get injured. But I don't want him on the field either.
  4. Insanecane

    Day #2 Post Practice Interviews

  5. Insanecane

    Robert Knowles is a true Cane

  6. Insanecane

    Spring Practice #2

  7. Insanecane

    Spring Practice #2

  8. Insanecane

    Jake Swalley-New assistant D-line coach.

    Swalley a pEnos. Hopefully both will becone great coaches.
  9. Insanecane


    You shut your whore mouth!
  10. Insanecane

    Tate approved

    Let's go!
  11. Insanecane

    Texas a & m football players robbed and shot

    Hmm let’s see let’s mix alchohol, young testosterone raging dumb asses, and scantily clad college bitches. And let’s let them party all day and night long for a week. What could go wrong?
  12. Insanecane

    2019 Spring Preview: S

    Rumors of Knowles ascension have been greatly exaggerated.
  13. Insanecane

    Rob Knowles

    I bet if you get his d1ck outta your mouth and read the thread you'd figure out the point real quick...tough guy.
  14. Insanecane

    Rob Knowles

    It's kinda hard to read these last few beta ass posts glinting off all the white knight save a ho armor. Knowles may be a decent guy, but he's a terrible football player and should not see the field this year.
  15. Insanecane

    Frank Gore Jr?

    Gore JR looks like he has great vision and pretty decent speed. More of a 3rd down back/special teams guy
  16. Insanecane


    Sounds a lot like 2018 Bama. Just using different formations.
  17. Insanecane

    The Wez needs you

    If you are easily offended like 70% of the faggots on here then you should probably not join the WEZ.
  18. Insanecane

    The Wez needs you

    You assume much.
  19. Insanecane

    Kyle Wright - What was his ceiling?

    Kyle was everything that Dorsey wasn’t. Strong arm, well built, athletic. Dorsey was everything that Kyle wasn’t. Film room nut, quick decision maker, good pocket presence. One set of traits is more important than the other.
  20. Insanecane

    Did this site crap the bed for anyone else this afternoon?

    The owners had to go beg for change in order to pay the monthly service bill.