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  1. k9cane

    Manolo Skywalker

    lol, saw this on Twitter....witter...
  2. k9cane

    Rosier Insightful interview

    the level of incompetence is astonishing, we knew it was bad, but to this level.....
  3. k9cane

    Rosier Insightful interview

    its obvious that two Richts didnt make a right
  4. k9cane

    Rosier Insightful interview

    Having Richt stick around was a version of the death penalty, and we would have been begging for Dr Jack Kevorkian
  5. k9cane

    2019 Spring Preview: RB

    Im with you, while I dont think Deejay 'does' Dallas is a true bona-fide #1 back (and he had some fumble issues in the middle of the season), he made a lot of big plays last season in that AOL offense of ours. Just find him ways to get him touches and good stuff will happen
  6. k9cane

    Jim Kelly Back In The 305

  7. k9cane


    again, just gimme a 28-31 points a game consistently vs the real teams and we'll have a chance. As Lu said, the defense might take a step back, I get that. But I surmise having a more competent offense and punter, will help them much more than last season, where they could've sued for...
  8. k9cane

    Manny's Bus Trip Prior to Spring Break

    we might be Adidas, but we will Under Armour and protect this house Manny, do what you do, lead us You weren't the guy we all wanted, but you just might be the man we all needed, after all
  9. k9cane

    August 24 is the official date of the Opener

    Yeah, Blue Oyster it is...
  10. k9cane

    August 24 is the official date of the Opener

    see everyone out there in Orlando!!
  11. k9cane

    Miami announces multiple support staff hires

    I dont like any of these hires, at all (just wanna get that in there before I get beat to it)
  12. k9cane

    Venzel Boulware Career Highlights - 2 Plays

    He was no Ed 'Dump Truck' Wilkens, I'll tell ya that much
  13. k9cane

    Best Miami Hurricane ever to wear #99

    no love for Matt Britton?
  14. k9cane

    JT4 feelin it...

    in a real offense, he would be what 'Hollywood' Brown was at Oklahoma...
  15. k9cane

    JT4 feelin it...

    yeah, Richtirement
  16. k9cane

    JT4 feelin it...

    the only thing that could stop Thomas was the prehistoRicht offense
  17. k9cane

    From Barry Jackson article

    I was really hoping he had the fire in his belly to really complete his coaching legacy and really trying to add a title to his resume', but he was more shot than Ali vs Trevor Berbick by this point
  18. k9cane

    From Barry Jackson article

    Chise, this woulda been more toxic than Chernobyl or Fukushima, seriously. I couldn't even enjoy the college football playoffs that Saturday night because of the state of the U. I was done, I was telling my buddy ( who had gone to a lot of games with me in the past) that I wasn't going to any...
  19. k9cane

    From Barry Jackson article

    I spoke with Claude Jones at length a few days ago, and he echoed what a lot of former players were feeling as he told me that after the Pinstripe Bowl, he was done. I mean, he would still watch the games and maybe go to Hard Rock moving forward, but he was done with the shipRicht. And he went...
  20. k9cane

    From Barry Jackson article

    Putting record aside, I really think it's the worst overall job of being a CEO of the UM program I've ever seen, from play-calling, system, roster management, recruiting.... everything that goes into this...