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    OT: College Cheating Scandal - Pay to Play?

    first off, I was shocked (sarcasm) that Universities consider Donations (a.k.a. bribes) when considering whom to let in. What's next - Adidas being caught for paying coaches and parents to 'steer' a kid towards one school over another? That being said, isn't Miami a private university and...
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    Randall Thrill Hill Tweet.

    Players notified.
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    OT: NBA needs to get rid of the '1 and done' rule..

    Exactly. If the Knicks want to draft some kid who’s 18 it’s their right. Heck, even a 16 year old can work at McDonalds. If the Lakers want to draft some kid who’s got tons of potential and develop him for a couple of years, it’s their option. If someone’s willing to give you millions...
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    OT: NBA needs to get rid of the '1 and done' rule..

    ..after watching Zion Williamson hurt his knee last night, potentially costing him millions upon millions of potential dollars, why do we have the '1 and done' rule for these kids that should be drafted out of high school? I'm a software developer. If i'm 14 and could care less about going to...
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    Punter U is back!! go CANES!!
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    Record cold temperatures across the Midwest

    it's -25 with a wind chill of -54 here in Chicago! When's the next flight to Miami?? gotta get outta here!!
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    Exciting time to be a Cane

    those are amazing renderings.. What does it cost to attend the University now? Man, it was outrageous 30 years ago when I went! go CANES!!
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    Check the Portal

    never been intimidated by a punter before.. wow! this guy scares me, no way I'd block that kick!
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    Clemson - Bama

    When’s the next time we play Clemson? Asking for a friend.
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    Adidas have any influence?

    Not sure how much they spend to put heir logo on our players but I would think they can’t be happy with what they’ve seen with thier investment. Is their contract renewed or negotiated annually? Go Canes!!
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    Richt > Smart

    ..and that would be if he was coaching Alabama!
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    OT: Who is your second favorite sports team after the CANES?!!

    The Canes are by far my favorite team - but I'm also a big Lakers fan. What a crap year so far for both! Luke Walton is just as clueless as MR! Who is your 2nd favorite? I hope your 2nd favorite sports team is in better shape. go CANES!
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    Duke vs UVA

    again - we can't even control our own destiny in the Coastal!! ugh! sickening..
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    Awful day

    prayers for your entire family. so sorry Cribby.
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    Richt #22 highest paid coach, worth it?

    ..makes over $4 million a year. Just wondering what everyone thought.. big weekend coming up! go Canes!!
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    How does a 5th year senior not make this read?

    it's actually one thing you can't see on TV. Live there always seems to be guys open and our QB has blinders on! go CANES!!
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    Last time a field goal kicker missed against us?

    It's been a while.. when was the last one?!! Also, is there a record for such a streak? And our new kicker went 4/10 in High School? go CANES!!!
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    I'm ready to come back

    Fish was the only good hire Golden had! Bring back Fish!!
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    Asking For Prayers

    prayed. hope he's alright
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    Are we a top 10 team entering into the season?

    I just saw their Top 10 Teams entering into 2018. Miami is #9. Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, OSU, Washington, Wisconsin, Penn St., Oklahoma are in there too. Do you think this is about right? go CANES!