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    Diamante Howard decommitts

  2. AFCane11

    SIAP, but status on big Vaughn D?

    Man, i hope the big fella is ok. Any word on him?
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    Artie to Steelers

    Ball out man!
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    Canes vs Semenholes

    Have at it fellas.
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    Butch tidbits from the Herald

    BUTCH RETURNS Though he would never say it publicly, associates say ESPN analyst Butch Davis would love to return to UM as coach (the odds are against that), and a lot of Canes fans would love for that to happen. That subplot adds a layer of intrigue to Davis’ new weekly 30-minute call-in...
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    11/14 Friday Canes Buzz

    SIAP ### Remember that metaphorical fence around South Florida that former UM coach Howard Schnellenberger spoke of building? FSU’s Jimbo Fisher very much enjoys trampling it. That’s why Fisher, preparing for Saturday’s game against Miami and emboldened by this dominant run of Seminoles...
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    Rivalry Game Eve Late Night, Now pre-game drunk thread

    Not for the weak hearted drinkers. I'm drunk as **** already for tomorrow's game RIGHT NOW. Just for those who r on the same mind state and level. Topic and comments are free game. LETS GO CANES BEAT THAT FSU ASS!!:neonu::crown pour: EDIT: Drinking and bouncing off walls, can't wait!
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    OB Pic 4 Man Cave

    Aight y'all, I wanna take this time to get y'alls opinion on which pic of the orange bowl I should put up in the man cave. I figured I'd ask the g'est canes fan on the best site going, so please chime in with ur choices. Thanks in advance. Numbered 1-4 in order of appearance. :crownpour:
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    Sunday Herald Canes notes

    ### Several of the eight Committee of Infractions members who are ruling on UM’s case told us last week they cannot comment. But an NCAA official cited the complexity of the case as the reason for the near-four month wait for a ruling since the mid-June hearing. “They talked about getting it...
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    Sunday Recruiting Buzz from Herald

    CHATTER ### Besides Wisconsin starter David Gilbert, we hear UM is poised to add two other defensive linemen from FBS schools, pending academic clearance: Ernest Settles (who had 12.5 sacks last season for a Tampa high school but was thrown off the Nebraska team in June, before enrolling...
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    Change profile name

    Sorry for the thread, but does anybody know how to change profile name. Been wanting to do it for the longest since their is one similar on here, but don't know how.