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  1. FrancisSaywer

    CB Knowles building bonds with Miami staff

    Knowles is a fantastic CB prospect. We need to recruit him relentlessly.
  2. FrancisSaywer

    Todd Stroud?

    I had my doubts at first but Stroud is a solid coach with a ton of experience. I get the whole idea of wanting an elite DL coach but Stroud has handled the job well all things considered. Jess Simpson is an elite DL coach which is why he is in the NFL. Like another poster said, "Could we do...
  3. FrancisSaywer

    Regret setting in for Francois?

    Just like we can hope the next wave of Juniors and redshirt Sophomores realize the mistakes made by guys before them declaring for the NFL and going undrafted and stay in college. I'll add that many of these kids are so insulated by groups of yes men that they completely lose touch with...
  4. FrancisSaywer

    Butch Barry to the Packers

    Should say he has a backround in getting bent over the sink.
  5. FrancisSaywer

    Unique defensive grouping at practice, per Ivins

    You could say that was Baker's Jean van de Velde moment.
  6. FrancisSaywer

    Franny: Making bad moves

    And I'm the guy they send to kill the Fuccking boogie man!
  7. FrancisSaywer

    Unique defensive grouping at practice, per Ivins

    Yes Yes Yes and Yes! My thoughts exactly. I'll also add that whatever the fack Baker was doing on 3rd and long last year was a trainwreck. That 3 man line with Rousseau inside was just awful. Baker has plenty of talent to work with this year and he needs to do much better. IMO Baker is on the...
  8. FrancisSaywer

    Unique defensive grouping at practice, per Ivins

    Major points for the Gilby Clarke reference. Carry on.
  9. FrancisSaywer

    Lashlee picks up the tempo, breaks down attack unit after Tuesday drills

    This is an interesting discussion. I would like to point out that perhaps some in this thread may be missing the point that @Empirical Cane is trying to make. I don't think that he is suggesting that 1000's of hours of practice don't pay any dividends. Those 1000's of hours of practice...
  10. FrancisSaywer

    Lashlee picks up the tempo, breaks down attack unit after Tuesday drills

    I can agree with this. I would have had Scaife at LT from day one last year.
  11. FrancisSaywer

    2020 Defensive Line

    You're a poet and didn't know it.
  12. FrancisSaywer

    How good is Nesta ?

    I couldn't agree more. Roberts as a red shirt Soph is going to blow up. You heard it here first.
  13. FrancisSaywer

    Te’Cory Couch...

    @Liberty City El . I agree with you 100%. Do you think anyone could beat out Ivey? I know options are limited but Ivey seemed like a huge liability many times last year.
  14. FrancisSaywer

    2021 4-star DE Kechaun Bennett Recieves Miami Offer, Outlines Recruitment

    Kechaun Bennett is a 4 star DE and he is nowhere to be found on the recruiting database. Why?
  15. FrancisSaywer

    D'Eriq King?

    No offense but........Are you fucking insane???? What in the hell is the matter with you???? "In 2018 he had a fair amount of success." WTF???? He had 35 pass TDs and 15 rush TDs. He had 50 Phucking TDs!!!!!!!!!! Hey guys! I looked up Dan Marino and in 1984 he threw for 5,000 yards and...
  16. FrancisSaywer

    OT Any Orlando Canes....

    I'm here in Orlando. I would love to meet up at some point in the future.
  17. FrancisSaywer

    Jacorey Brooks

    Or we could charge it to Blake James AMEX!
  18. FrancisSaywer

    Jacorey Brooks

    Oh I'm just putting out my personal list of favorite players at the position. I don't seriously think we are going to sign all of them lol. But if we do pull off the miracle we're going to Tootsies on your AMEX Black card!
  19. FrancisSaywer

    Jacorey Brooks

    What about Bralon Brown? Do you prefer Alexis? Personally I would add Brown to your list above as well as Christian Leary. I know some think that Leary should be grouped with the RBs but I disagree. Granted Leary is extremely versatile and could line up anywhere across the formation but I still...
  20. FrancisSaywer

    ATH Christian Leary

    That's a great question. I love YB and want him in this class but Leary is flat out ridiculous. I'm going to take the easy way out and say take both. In the new offense that we are going to run these types of fast, versatile twitchy athletes are the perfect fit.