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    Willie Moise

    And he attends a pipeline school that's been pretty good to us.
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    Willie Moise

    Hope he gets in...then we can figure it out from there.
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    Willie Moise

    Willie Moise and Elijah Roberts is a solid DT haul. Add in Chantz and Quinton Williams and it's a nice DL class.
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    What if the football season is cancelled

    Cue the African man crying gif..
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    Throwback post clemson vs Miami

    Its amazing what Dabo built that program into. There's no reason for Clemson to be this far ahead of Miami as a football program.
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    2021 LB Sebastian Sagar receives offer

    Reminds me of the kid from Georgia that screwed us over last year..
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    Rivals Camp- RB/TE v. LB

    It's important to: A. WIN and B. Look good doing it
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    OT: best comedy movies

    Petey Wheatstraw......The Devil's Son in Law
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    OT: best comedy movies

    Django had some funny scenes if you’re cool enough to recognize them.
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    OT: best comedy movies

    The first 30 minutes of Full Metal Jacket is funny af..
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    OT: best comedy movies

    Stir Crazy and Dolemite
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    PODCAST: Spring Buzz ft. D$

    Syl Johnson is from Holly Springs. Lots of good bluesmen from that area. It's about 30 minutes from where I live..
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    Best DL in ACCCD for 2020?

    They had the advantage of playing againat Miami's OL..
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    Now this is a top 5

    Any idea when he announces?
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    OT: Eric Bieniemy

    Off topic but the Colorado coaching search is awful....and they ended up with Karl Dorrell?
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    Andrew ivins

    Kinda off topic but I prefer to get recruiting info from guys that aren’t Canes fans. The info is usually better and not clickbait like Ferman and some of the others. Ivins has said repeatedly that he’d rather cover recruiting instead of coaching rumors, staff changes, and other non recruiting...
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    Athlon ranking of CFB rosters

    3-0 against FSU over the past 3 years..
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    Jose Jose

    Wasn't he committed to us for a short time? Man, this is horrible and happening too frequently. Prayers sent..
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    Branden Jennings

    I thought FSU took some reaches to fill out their 2020 class.