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    Qauy picou

    Quay Picou.........Potential grad transfer. Played for Coach Simpson in high school. Just a thought..
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    jimmy johnson

    Just for discussion, how does the board feel about jimmy Johnson as athletic director? I know it's out of the question now. But what about 10 years ago when we started slipping. Just a thought..
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    Brennan Carroll

    What are the board's thoughts on Brennan Carroll as a coach? Could he be a candidate for a OC in the future. He's obviously been around some great coaches and football minds ( Fisch, McDonald, Jim Bates, norm chow,..). I think he recruited Dewey so he obviously evaluate QB's. Just throwing...
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    I gotta ask...

    Like most on this board, I am a HUGE Cane fan but I live in west Tennesse. I gotta ask, Do recruits and/or coaches take Luke seriously? His tweets scare the hell outta me...