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  1. J

    Ivins CB...

    Ivins put in a CB for MNW Safety Kamren Kichens. Is it for us?
  2. J

    Get Meiko Dotson and Jabril Cox

    I know our offense has got to improve but we can really get into that elite status on Defense if we add these guys. I think moise is done at this point, lets get immediate contributors. A 10 win season with this 21 cycle can be program changing.
  3. J

    Anyone selling a 2020 orange parking pass?

    If anyone is selling a 2020 orange parking pass please let me know. Willing to pay extra.
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    Tired of hearing about the striker position....

    Tired of hearing about guys being recruited to play the striker position. In general, it seems to mean recruiting a DB that has subpar coverage skills or is a step slow. How about we just recruit the best DBs. Lets keep it simple stupid. Recruiting versatility is key, Belichick has proven how...
  5. J

    Is our Safety group Elite....

    I know we got some JAGs but Hall, Bolden, Smith, and Tae are some dudes. Hall and Tae in particular may have 1st round talent. If these guys get it together we might be an elite defense again. We've had the most success on defense under Diaz when our safeties play well.
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    How many more canes going into the HOF?

    I know Wayne, Johnson, Hester, Wilfork, and Gore have one foot in already but what about Olsen, Graham and Campbell? Do you guys think they might get in? Are there any other Canes you can think of that have the resume?
  7. J

    MIAMI looking absolutely gorgeous

    Boy oh boy the city is looking amazing today. All of the shots look like postcards, the weather is perfect, the atmosphere is electric. Can help but think how much this helps us sell the program to kids around the country. Plus it doesnt hurt that we had the Re"U"nion, JJ and Edge get into...
  8. J

    Diaz, Banda, @ Edison

    Got word that they were at Edison not too long ago. Only player I know from there that is at least a 3 star is Trevor Reaves and he just committed to FAU yesterday. Luke also coaches there so IDK if he was mad that white coaches were on campus lol. Anybody got any info on notable names from there?
  9. J

    Daran Branch

    Saw a post on Canessports he is setting up an official to Miami. Was he comitted to us as a corner or safety? Can he play corner?
  10. J

    Florida Fire Tryouts....

    Went to go see tryouts today and instantly thought how the hell are we short on CBs? There were athletes everywhere on the field and a high level of competition. Idk if its a recruiting violation but why doesnt UM have representation at these events? I know we hear alot about Miami offering too...
  11. J

    If it is Lashlee......

    How is he as a recruiter? Is he bringing in some of his guys? And can we freakin fire more ppl? In particular Barry, Stubbs, and Rumph!!! Get some freaking recruiters in here the 21 cycle is loaded and we need to take advantage.
  12. J

    Lo and Williams to UF?

    Seriously asking but it sounds about right smh.
  13. J

    I hate FSU

    But atleast they played with passion today. In a meaningless sh1tty bowl game alot of their players showed emotion and didn't "just go through the motions" smdh!!!
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    Brady Ward

    Just saw we offered Brady Ward, what are our chances? Any insight on the situation? His film looks better than some other guys we've offered already.
  15. J

    Bryce Matthews

    Are we in contact with this guy or any OT transfers? If we can get a right tackle and move Scaife to guard we might be decent next year. I think playing Scaife at LG next to Zion would really help.
  16. J

    Sooooo 0 commitments this weekend?

    Lots of talking on fri but nothing since then.
  17. J

    Why accept the bid?

    Honestly why would you accept the bid for this game? Alot more to lose than there is to gain. If we win its expected, if we win big sh1tty coaches like Enos gain leverage, if lose we are still the laughing stock, if we lose big that might be the death nail. I said this before we should be trend...
  18. J

    Lane to Miss, Butch to Arkansas.....

    Quick which recruits can we steal lmao
  19. J

    Anymore smoke from the visitors?

    Anything new?
  20. J

    Virginia just won the Coastal with a QB that cant throw

    Fuk this AD, Fuk Enos (Richt did a better job and he didnt have a pulse) and fuk manny if he doesnt fire Enos. Pathetic fukin program.