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    What if the football season is cancelled

    How do you think recruiting will go?
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    What did the Coronavirus took away from you sports wise?

    For me it was the 2020 Boys and Girls Championships in Jamaica. There was no less that 8 HS teams threatening to run under 40 seconds in the 4x1 next week.
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    The latest Luke BS
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    Spring Game at the Mecca

    I think this is a great Idea and should be implemented every year.
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    Another Southeast San Diego Kid

    4* RB Byron Cardwell goes to Morse HS in the Skyline area of San Diego. Rival HS and area to Keyshawn Smith. Would be the perfect compliment to Thad Franklin. Like I have said, Southeast San Diego is an area we can sneakily pull some good talent...
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    This 2021 Class

    Very good chance about 92% or 23 out of 25 commits in this class will be from the State of Miami. And I would say 20 could be from Broward and Dade alone. A dream scenario could be this QB: 1 Aaron Mclaughlin(GA) RB: 1 maybe 2 Thad Franklin(Broward)(commit) Lovesae Carroll(GA, IMG) Amari...
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    HS schedule

    Is it finalized yet? What are some of the big matchups?
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    Amari Daniels quote

    “To be honest, no one else will say it, I’ll say it - when Miami recruits, I feel they don’t recruit enough in the city area, Booker T., Miami central, Carol City, don’t recruit enough for that,” Daniels said. “They recruit good in South Florida, the Broward schools, but as far as bigtime...
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    Tampering, getting them to transfer to your school so you can pull him younger cousin only to see him sign with the school that you tampered with in the first place.
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    2021 OT Wyatt Milum

    Since we have a WV guy as our OL coach, its time to tape into the WV OL base and get some of the talent in that state on the OL. Spring Valley has produced a P5 OL the last 6 years and they arent going to WVU either. The Coaching staff is all Marshall grads but even they know they are producing...
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    I just need some clarification?

    Did or is X. Henderson taking a secret OV to Miami? We know he didnt sign to Florida just verbal. I did hear if Avantae Williams wants in that Moise is out. Coaches doesnt want risk losing a counter in 2021 class if he doesnt qualify. Trying to get clarification from Ivins.
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    I didnt want to get this lost.....

    Im not thinking Smith will count on the 25. I believe there is a rule that says something if the sort.... If a enrollee never receives an official offer(Smith only got a verbal), never visits and the school never evaluates him in person but he enrolls and signs a Financial Aid agreement, he...
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    Just found out something that is hilarious

    Lingard is going to have to get a waiver to play this year because he choose to sit out and UM can prove he was healthy to play atleast half the season and based off his interviews he was in contact with UF during the season. I truly hope Manny and UM Administration screws the kid over one last...
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    Expect all of enos hand picked guys to be gone except for Hickson because of his SoFla ties. Couple of other items. Not really expect Banda to be back either. Expect a heavy SoFla connections staff in 2020 And we are going spread and fast next year. Goodnight
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    Look I get it

    After doing some thinking I would grade our Class currently as a B. Sure we missed on all the P5 OL in south florida and lost another local 4* DB. But we still have a Top 20 class and in a position to improve on it with national recruits now. But at the end of day in order to close the Early...
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    Top players still available that I would go after

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    3 commits tonight at the Rusty Pelican
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    AJ Mathis

    Is he an early enrollee? If he isnt, I wouldnt let him sign and NLI. Instead have him sign and financial agreement. That means he doesnt count towards the class.
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    Location of Clemson

    Is why Flowe isnt and will not commit to Clemson. You heard it here first. Kid is thinking bigger than Football and is focused opportunities bigger than football outside of football. If USC wasnt trash, he would be committed there already. Rohan put in his head this "After college and...
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    "We are coming for you[NCAA]" - Mitt Romney

    House, Senate members drum up support for compensating college athletes via @ESPN App