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  1. TaylorCaneOrDie

    OL Rodriguez recaps UM spring practice visit, discusses upcoming trips

    This kid is about to get the offers rolling in from all the big schools. Need Manny and Justice to put the full court press on him this spring to get him locked up.
  2. TaylorCaneOrDie

    Practice #4

    Knighton balling at returner is music to my ears.
  3. TaylorCaneOrDie

    Amari Carter

    As a senior, he will definitely play regardless if he's a starter or not. I hate that we rotate players in the back end but we always do it. At the very least this kid will be a leader and should be a special teams ace.
  4. TaylorCaneOrDie

    🚨 BREAKING NEWS - Telly Lockette joining the staff 🚨

    Get this **** done and let this man croot!
  5. TaylorCaneOrDie

    2021 OL Rodriguez Discusses Recruitment Following Miami Offer

    This kid sounds like a cane. Best part about offensive lineman being early commits is they usually stick. Get this in the fold with Seymore and McLaughlin then go out nationally for some top guys.
  6. TaylorCaneOrDie

    Jaelan Phillips transformation pic

    He went from Tayshaun Price to Nick Bosa in one year. Big things coming!
  7. TaylorCaneOrDie

    ATH Christian Leary

    Eh maybe 12th today but this feels like we could be top 5 after another visit. Kid is all over the place and wants to feel the love. Shoot your shot Manny.
  8. TaylorCaneOrDie

    2021 OL Rodriguez Discusses Recruitment Following Miami Offer

    Setting up nicely to be our next commit. Hope he takes his time and pulls the trigger when's ready.
  9. TaylorCaneOrDie

    2020 Spring Practice Summary - 3/3

    Can we please try Scaife at one of the tackle spots? I feel like you can hide an average guard much better than you can hide an average tackle. We need Scaife to sure up one of the edges.
  10. TaylorCaneOrDie

    DeeJay Dallas! Love this guy!

    I just hope he lands on a team where he isn't buried behind a deep RB roster. Atlanta or Tampa would be awesome. Anyway, knowing DeeJay he will make a team as a special teams ace then bust his a$$ to crack some RB snaps.
  11. TaylorCaneOrDie

    2021 4-star OT McLaughlin Discusses Miami Commitment

    Absolutely love this kids potential! He seems like a super bright kid as well, welcome to the U Michael!
  12. TaylorCaneOrDie


    Please lord don't let dumb a$$ cane fans try to ruin Ed Reed as well. Let him live and work in silence. If you don't think Ed Reed is committed to this program than GTFO!
  13. TaylorCaneOrDie

    2020 Spring Practice Summary - 3/2

    Couple premature notes after 1 day: Give me the accurate QB all day every day over the best deep ball. We need a QB who can sustain some drives and keep the chains moving, sounds like King is the guy. Please god let Avery Huff learn the playbook. Roche has all spring/summer to add 5-10 pounds...
  14. TaylorCaneOrDie

    2021 OL McLaughlin breaks down Junior Day visit, decision timeline

    Any new notes on this from AI? AI must have got some new info to make the pick. LFG
  15. TaylorCaneOrDie

    2020 Miami nfl combine thread

    Agreed but in 2020 can anyone be THAT physical? Playing smart is more valuable than physicality in today’s game.
  16. TaylorCaneOrDie

    OL Zach Dykstra leaves Miami

    Herbert had major shoulder/health issues entering college which is never a good sign. Hillery I had high hopes for but for some reason it has never clicked.
  17. TaylorCaneOrDie

    OL Zach Dykstra leaves Miami

    Donaldson is the massive disappointment the rest were all projects/flyers. This is why you have to volume shoot at the offensive line position. You need a 40% to 50% hit rate to be successful.
  18. TaylorCaneOrDie

    OL Zach Dykstra leaves Miami

    Good, thanks for your service now let's get another grad transfer in the offensive line room.
  19. TaylorCaneOrDie

    2020 EE Jersey Numbers

    King, Don, and Knighton >>>>
  20. TaylorCaneOrDie

    Projected 40 times.

    DeeJay Dallas 4.60 Jeff Thomas 4.39 K.J. Osborn 4.55 Jonathan Garvin 4.79 Trevon Hill 4.68 Shaq Quarterman 4.63 Michael Pinckney 4.64 Trajan Bandy 4.49