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  1. TaylorCaneOrDie

    Gus Felder

    Just saw on twitter that Gus is not listed on the canes roster anymore.. I confirmed for myself as well. Anyone got the scoop?
  2. TaylorCaneOrDie

    Question for the Staff

    I know Pete, Tito and the rest of the staff has been busy with the school grind etc, which is why this site hasn't had much new information recently but is there anyway we could get some more HS kids to write up some articles. They seem to have easy access with the players and have much more...
  3. TaylorCaneOrDie

    Visitors for VTech game?

    With this being a night game against a quality opponent, are there any recruits who are coming this weekend? I haven't heard much about any potential visitors but I hope some are planning on coming.
  4. TaylorCaneOrDie

    Request for CANEFREAK

    Can you create an epic video that covers the start of the allegations throughout today (or maybe after once we hear more from Al and the team). This is a time period that will live with me forever and I would love some good soundbites and video clips. Proud to say I STOOD WITH THE U. WE BACK!
  5. TaylorCaneOrDie

    Staff Podcasts Questions

    One thing I loved most about this site with last years class was the podcast episodes. Is there anyway we can get those rolling again? I'm not sure what the time period was when you guys made those but everyone loved them. This has been the most boring part of recruiting in recent memory so I...
  6. TaylorCaneOrDie

    Class Projections

    QB: Kaaya, Alin, Rosier, I believe Rosier will be the odd man out and go somewhere else once he gets another big offer. If I'm wrong, than let the best man win the QB job for the future. (Kaaya+Alin= 2 total) RB: Yearby. Joe is a stud we all know that, but who will be joining him. I don't...
  7. TaylorCaneOrDie

    George Campbell 2015

    Miami has offered 2015 WR/S George Campbell. He is a stud and is on the same team as Miami target WR Artavis Scott. Campbell has offers from major universities such as UF, FSU, MICH, AU, etc. He's a big kid around 6'5 200 and will be a major recruit.
  8. TaylorCaneOrDie

    Corn Elder & Derrick Griffin

    Both will reportedly play both football and basketball at the U. Just wondering does anyone remember anyone good who did both? I assume they will end up just sticking with one sport.
  9. TaylorCaneOrDie

    Rico McGraw & Mike Sawyers

    Just offered them both. Same high school as Corn Elder. Rico (Class of 2015) has offers from everyone and projects to be safety. Mike is a pretty highly rated 2014 DT/OG. Hopefully we get them on board.
  10. TaylorCaneOrDie

    Sun Life

    Thoughts on the new student location??? Personally, I'm kind of mixed on the new location for students. On one hand, it gives them a better viewpoint but on the other its farther away from the field. Also, ticket prices were lowered significantly and you get 7 home games...
  11. TaylorCaneOrDie

    Junior Day 2/9

    On WQAM Golden said he's getting ready for a junior day this weekend. Who all is coming besides Alin Edouard??
  12. TaylorCaneOrDie

    Scholarship Mistakes

    First and foremost I'm totally behind Al Golden and his staff and think this past year they did a tremendous job on the field. That being said I feel like there has been way too many scholarship miscommunications with them. I understand with everything going on with the NCAA and limiting...
  13. TaylorCaneOrDie

    Petition for New Stadium
  14. TaylorCaneOrDie


    Anyone know where I can watch a replay of the whole game?? thanks
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    Hey guys, I'm trying to get a jersey for this season. i was kind of thinking of getting an old school one do you guys know of any good websites for them?
  16. TaylorCaneOrDie

    ESPN Jayron Kearse cool article on our commit.
  17. TaylorCaneOrDie

    Spring Game Visitors

    Does anyone know whose coming to the Spring Game? I've heard Jordan Cunningham and Bain... not sure who else?
  18. TaylorCaneOrDie

    Vernon Hargreaves III 2013

    Kid's dad used to coach at the U but I think got fired when shannon took over. He's a 5star already and has offers from everyone. Thought this was interesting from Rivals article about him.. His mother said, "When my husband coached at Miami, we were around some great kids - Jonathan Vilma...
  19. TaylorCaneOrDie

    Roderick Johnson OT 13'

    What's your guys thoughts on him as a prospect. Got some good offers already from UF, WV, UCF, USF. Scout has him as the 35th best tackle. Just curious cause on his twitter his background is him throwing up the U and has a lot of Miami pictures.!/Rod2real
  20. TaylorCaneOrDie

    Sean Spence

    Only did 12 reps on the bench today... not good for him at all