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    FSU Starting LT - Dickerson Out

    Not listed on depth chart and per FSU reports on 247 he is out for the game. Let's eat.
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    Cager...looked bad. Hope not serious. If it is Hightower will become a star idea how you sit out w a damn bruise. Lacing into Rosier more likely cause of “injury” Garvin...looked like a nick...was back on field DeeJay...looked like a nick...was back on field Willis...looked like a...
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    OSU Tears

    I do not expect this thread to take off like the HOF Gators Tears or Silver medalists Nole Tears thread. But I always find it interesting to witness not only tear flows from rivals but also the outright lies and denials from the delusional affected fan base. So, with the understanding that these...
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    New Commit - 2020 WR - Burton

    New stud in the stables...lets show Burton some love. Welcome to the family young man. We look forward to supporting you during many successful years to come at The U
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    Noles in trouble soon?

    This book will be damn interesting. Dropping right when the season starts. I have popcorn ready...
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    Hillary Injury

    Any updates?
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    Nole Tears

    Feel free to copy and post laughable tidbits, irrational musings, pipe dream predictions, and overall illiterate banter from our rape apologist rivals from up North. A few tears were certainly shed over the weekend: 1. James Cook showed up to the Rivals 5 star challenge wearing a University of...
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    Winston Rape Settlement

    Jameis Winston settles lawsuit with 2012 sexual assault accuser I wonder what the price of Rape is for a star QB in Tallahassee?
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    When are we officially off probation from the NCAA?

    I believe it's October sometime but not sure
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    Love how that troll...

    ...blackvern got his mojo back after his Noles eked out a last second win vs Miami. Been mostly crickets all year from him since we were dominating and now he's puffing his chest and spitting his BS again. Guy is a complete Judas who pretends to care/give honest insight in a pathetic attempt to...
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    Dalvin about to be irked

    “Just thinking about Miami winning irks my nerves." - Dalvin Cook yesterday Let the irking begin
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    Josh Sweat - possibly out vs Miami

    Surgery on knee. Out 1-2 weeks. May miss Miami game.
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    Derwin James...carted off field

    Anyone know the extent of his injury?
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    Scott and Dingle - WRs

    Any word on how our 2 commits did at Paradise camp? Haven't heard anything about those 2.
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    WOW!!! New Proof of Obstruction of Justice in Winston Rape

    Police officer's deposition details missteps in Jameis Winston investigation
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    Bowl Game...where we headed?

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    Mrs. Burns Banner

    I can think of no better way to honor Mrs. Burns and her entire family than flying a banner in her honor during the Duke game. Like it or not the UM players do not think very highly of us fans right now and this show of unity from us in support of our players and their family will go a very...
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    Attendance now that AG is Gone...

    ...better be very good. Support your team and get to the games. Enough negativity. Show the players and recruit you care about the will go a very long way towards helping us rebuild after 5 atrocious years.
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    Keep Baez

    He will single handily hold this recruiting class together and be a beast on the trail moving forward.
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    What is the severity of the injuries sustained yesterday and will they be able to play next week? Only on topic answers please