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    Patchan Coming Byke?

    I think the staff used sound decision making in regards to Rousseau's playing time. Tevon Hill has been really effective this year as well and knocking #15 down inside on passing situations has worked out really well. Garvin and Hill are VERY GOOD players and likely more complete and consistent...
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    Ed Reed - 2002 draft article

    This article proves that NFL front office are absolutely terrible at player evaluations and drafting. It's almost comical with the resources available.
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    It makes zero sense that Manny would fire entire offensive staff and the force a WR coach on to the new OC. Completely contradicts everything going on and very tired of the constant push to employ former canes as coaches. Get the best available.
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    Call Major Applewhite Right Away

    Yes. 2 years
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    What I’m Hearing on Miami’s Head Coaching Search - Sunday PM

    Experience as HC on resume as required canddidate box to check is so overrated. Kirby Smart, Dabo and Lincoln Riley both has no previous HC experience. Jimbo and Bob Stoops had no HC experience when the took over FSU and Oklahoma respectively. I don't think Diaz would be a terrible hire. He...
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    Combine Field Trip

    Sorry if this comes off harsh but recommending to not be represented by an agent is ridiculous. You are over simplifying a very complex process that involve hundreds of variables and events that no 21 year old or their mother (unless she is an agent) is qualified or experienced to navigate...
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    When does on-field product start to impact local recruiting?

    3-0 is a nice start but will the new aggressive Miami style defensive scheme have an impact on this recruiting cycle? Who are the targets that we can potentially flip or lock up their commitment?
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    Williams showing he has plenty of potential

    Pretty good freshman? Dude you need to see a doctor. Here is a "quick" comparison of some notable QBs freshman season stats. Some SO for those who didnt play at freshman. Yea. This list only includes Russell Wilson, Phil Rivers, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Adrew Luck, AJ McCarron, and...
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    Athlete Question for the Mods

    Can any of you with deep knowledge of our class (current commits and prospects) speak to who of our current athletes can play both offense and defense, upsides at both positions, and not only where they will start out but also where you think they are most likely to end up. I think it was...
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    UF and FSU Defensive Talent

    I don't give a rip what scheme you play...if you are watching this is CLEARLY evident how much better the players are on defense for both of these teams. If you combined all three defenses...we would have possibly 1 player who would start in Perryman and possibly 1-2 more on the two...
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    Kickoff Returners

    Anyone else want Duke off of kickoff returns? Obviously it is difficult since he is a legit threat to take it to the house every return but with his increased workload at Rb and the injury risk on returns, I just rather have him not put there unless it is a 4th qtr return and we need a Td or...
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    Coley Offensive Coordinator Grade Thread

    There have been many regimes at Miami in the recent past where I have said to myself "That is really fucking stupid!" Since Golden has taken over, I have said he could have done that better, not sure I agree, time will tell....but the one thing I have never said about ANY decisions Golden has...
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    Golden using same strategy as 2012 Class

    Loading up early on a ton of South Florida kids and then will utilize them in January to help close/flip remaining top targets. Between, Cook, Lane, and Michel, I think one of the three ends up at the U. Keep in mind, a lot of people (including myself) have a sour taste in out mouths with...
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    What time is AQM announcing at game?

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    Golden is a f**acking genius

    First, how can you not love this guy? After all we have been through and the new NCAA annual coaching carousel. Major jobs such as Auburn, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Arkansas have become available and this guy is sticking it out. We are very fortunate to have him at the helm. But he is a genius for...
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    Why does all blame fall on coaches?

    It is amazing on how the internet and video game world has corrupted football fans. We had 100s of opportunities to make plays and the players didn't step up. Stop with the blaming on coaches is childish and uninformed.
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    Preston Dewey

    Question for DMoney, Lu, Ariz or anyone else with a pulse on Greentree... A poster on another website who claims to have connections is saying that the word around greentree is Preston Dewey is legit. What are your sources saying about Dewey's skills and his development this season? Thanks in...
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    The Ghost of Randall

    Golden must, at some point in the game, think to himself, how did they get those guys and we got these JAGs...2010 made me throw up in my mouth a little. I had to post all the where are they nows just to rub it in. Defensive Players still on team from recruiting classes pre-Golden 2008...
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    We must go JUCO in a major way

    This team has an opportunity to be VERY good next year. But...we have some glaring holes that need to be addressed through the JUCO ranks. Specifically, we need a JUCO TE, DE, DT, and S and we will win a lot of games next year.