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    Lady Canes should be a Top 10 Team

    We had some bad losses during non conference play as well as the loss to Iowa State. We need to revenge whip FSU this coming Sunday and we should be on our way (after the ACC tournament) to a much higher seed. As we have learned in the past, "what have you done for me lately" does weigh on the...
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    Maury is still in recovery. I can't recall his return date. I'm really impressed by the newbies. A lot further along that last year's freshman class.
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    Lady canes beat #2 Louisville at Louisville today.

    Coach Meier is the most underrated coach in WCBB. No doubt. Blake locked her into long term contract before the season. We are blessed right now with our coaches here. Diem Meier Larranaga Diaz etc.
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    The Opening Miami: Live Thread Updates

    He's talking about this particular 16 yr old I believe.
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    Canes Baseball - 2019 Season Thread

    Too GD early, but if today goes according to plan... Last year, we had a weekend Rutgers series with a 20-13 difference. This year, 35-7! Is it too early to call for the bandwagon to begin its journey north to Omaha??
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    Jose Mirabal

    If that second sentence is to be believed (following previous notes and updates over the last couple months of lack of interest) that would be a pleasant surprise. I notice Clemson and Miami on his list on 247, but no offer from either. Ready into it what you will.
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    Canes Baseball - 2019 Season Thread

    That was a much needed win last night. On so many levels. Let's hope Toral has found the right stroke. The freshmen contribute all season, and the pitching holds up as well. This has the makings of .... I still don't think Amditis' defense warrants a spot in the lineup. He can't hit. Quinones...
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    New to Baseball

    All three "big" programs are in flux right now. Perfect time to jump on board!:applause:
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    Kendrick Bingley

    And if Garvin shows out as expected, is he gone?
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    Current favorite player, and why?

    I've admired Scott Patchan for several years now, and he is aware of this. ;) However, as soon as he graduates, Brevin, I'm all in!
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    Offseason OT: All time starting 11

    Yeah, and Mira Jr's suspension gives us Tiger Clark! Such a special time for all of SoFla, not just #canesfam. So many names, so many contributors.
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    Davin Cotton

    Yeah, I had edited/corrected it immediately after I posted. Sorry bout that.
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    Davin Cotton

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    Offseason OT: All time starting 11

    ES, how did you forget Mira and his son? Yeah, there are others, but those were two big ones if you're gonna throw a good sized list out there. I love your stuff, but don't forget. Never forget. (Yeah, tomorrow is MSD day for a lot of us).
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    Marlon Martinez, 2020 OT, St. Thomas Aquinas

    At STA since 2016
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    Transfer Portal Withrawal

    I don't see us using the portal next year with the great HS talent appearing to lean the Canes' way. If things play out right, we will not have extra schollies to spend on the older kids for the next two cycles.
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    Coach Field

    I sense a bunch of Mark Mangino et. al. gifs comin' on...
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    He is still top 80 in the country and a Legacy. We need to keep him interested for multiple reasons.
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    Updated Roster Level and Star Rank Trend - 2/6/2019

    Looking over the prospects there in the way they are listed, WOW, 2020 is legit! And we have real shots at these guys. So far.
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    Calvin Ashley in the Portal

    I stand corrected, he is an OT. If we lose out on Braun, who plans on deciding in a couple months, we can work Ashley until the time comes, grab him, and move Scaife to LG. And if it were only that easy. I hope it is of course.