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  1. memphisbred

    OT: Best Celebrity Canes Fan?

    There is a joke going around that the teams Drake wear end up losing. It was big deal during the NFL playoffs, need to add the Canes to this list for last year. That Gods Plan video sealed our fate hahahaaa
  2. memphisbred

    SIAP: Mark Walton arrested for misdemeanor battery in Miami

    love ya avatar dawg, one of my favorite episodes lol
  3. memphisbred

    Current favorite player, and why?

    DJ, Bandy, Nesta
  4. memphisbred

    Miami Baseball Season Projections

    So who are the better players on the team this year?
  5. memphisbred

    2019 recruiting

    Don't have to be with the #2 player on board.
  6. memphisbred

    Trevor Etienne 2022 RB (Jennings, LA)

    they just threw a highlight reel together for this cat lol. some of these clips look like JV games, its coaches on the field in shyt lol..
  7. memphisbred

    2019 recruiting

    Edwards said he's recruiting Quinones to UGA
  8. memphisbred

    4 Star CB from Nashville Keshawn Lawrence receives offer

    hell yeah! G Coop the last i remember
  9. memphisbred

    College Football News ranks Canes class #3 w/ transfers
  10. memphisbred


    Says recruited by Stubblefield. What ratio you think was Stubblefield to Fields?
  11. memphisbred

    Ivins media session notes

    Not sure if this was shared on here already, some notes from Ivins media session. Via Twitter.
  12. memphisbred

    Any friend or family members played College or Pro football....

    Breshad Perriman currently in the league
  13. memphisbred

    Shock the world vs UNC today?

    family friend glad to see him get some PT
  14. memphisbred

    Gerald Willis #32

  15. memphisbred

    Jemele Hill in hot water

    I have no idea why the True Detective thread got locked makes no sense
  16. memphisbred

    Jemele Hill in hot water

    Do The Right Thing should have won Spike something, at least got him nominated. It's crazy blackkklansman is his first oscar nomination..
  17. memphisbred

    OT: Any of you Canes Goons from Atlanta?!?

    I've been here 20 years. It's a great city IMO, good diversity, plenty to do during the week and on weekends. Mostly good people here. I like ATL because you can still move here and watch the city grow. This city will continue to grow drastically for the next 20 years. Its a million different...
  18. memphisbred

    Trevon Hill signs with Miami

    letsss goooo
  19. memphisbred

    Christian Williams inks with Miami

    Great grab!
  20. memphisbred

    Lance Legendre