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    Man It hit me today, I’m really gonna miss watching Jaquan play for the U. He was the anchor to our defense and he prevented many big plays from happening. His leadership is second to none. He is definitely an all time Cane regardless of team success. Whoever drafts him is getting a Great one...
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    Defensive Backs

    Just might be the most slept on position group on this team. This unit has the potential to be great. Bubba was a good addition and should replace Jaquan from Day 1. Also Gurvan Hall, Frierson, Ivey , Blades, Bandy. We got some DB’s who are long physical and very athletic. We actually might...
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    Can Tate play right away?

    Is he eligible to play right away? Excited to have him. And also shoutout to Manny, he’s killing it right now!! Let’s Go Canes.
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    DABO & Manny

    Dabo the Goat and Manny Diaz is next. Shut up and Support. People weren’t fans of Dabo at first now look. Diaz up next 🙌
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    Something has to change man. These south Florida kids be playing the U like some suckas. Besides winning idk what can change this.
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    Fedora at UNC

    Is anyone concerned that we held Fedoras offense to 10 points this year and 19 points last year?
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    Jeff Thomas

    Lol Jeff Thomas wouldve been perfect for a Fedora offense.
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    Tony Elliot as OC

    Clemson RB Coach/Coordinator
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    dana holgorsen

    Im sure he would choose Us over Houston & WVU
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    Richt has to go.

    Richt has to go. This is completely embarrassing. Worse than Al Golden. Richt is on some Jon Gruden ****.. He’s gonna leave the program the same as it was once he got here. We lost JT and now Williams. Cmon and no one wants to play for us. Can we just beat the Gators and FSU?
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    Now that our chances for the coastal are pretty much over. Can we just focus on improving the team. Letting the youngings get more burn. Even Weldon, he can’t be worse that Rosier and Perry have been. And getting guys to return to school. Hopefully no one does that leave early crap.
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    Imagine having a guy like Jeff on your team. And he never gets a jet sweep 😂. His numbers have went down after the hot start to the season.
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    Who are they gonna lose too? We need to get back to first in the coastal.
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    More designed Runs with Rosier back at QB? Could be a huge plus for the offense.
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    Richt Hates Perry

    Starting to think Richt really dislikes Perry.. in what world do you play a 5th year senior over a RS Freshmen. And the Freshmen is better ?
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    If we need Hire an OC or Richt just changed philosophy what changes would you want to see. I would love for us to be a team that spreads it around like an OSU. But I also love the pro style concepts that have bee know to run. What are yall thoughts? On Coordinators and Offensive Style.
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    Great Program vs Elite

    We are a great program. But not Elite.. Would rather go 9-3 With Perry at QB. Im sorry Defense, hopefully y'all can put up these numbers next year. (And no more of that we could still win the coastal ****) Thats mandatory. This off season will be really interesting Go Canes!
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    Short yardage

    We did a Great Job completing yardages play, But it made me wonder.. We should have a heavy Wildcat package with Deejay and/or Homer at QB. Maybe even Rosier just for running plays.. What do y’all think ?
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    Road Games

    We got 2 Tough games on the road. 10/26 @ BC and 11/17 @ VT. We will Dominate. End of story.
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    Run the Ball.

    Would love to see the staff use this FIU game as a game where we run the ball down their throats. DJ and Homer have a 100 a piece. And Young Lo will get another 40+ yard TD.