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  1. mdpcane

    AAF Week 1 Highlights - Salt Lake vs Arizona

    The head coach of the Salt Lake Stallions is former CANES coach Dennis Erickson.
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    SURVEY -- CIS Members Age Group

    By @gruntking request, maybe we can get some idea of the age of members in CIS.
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    POLL - Board Changes

    Let CIS know what you think about post reactions being changed in a move that is like how Microsoft has done some things -- change something that doesn't need to be and piss off a lot of people.
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    Final 2018 Ranking of 130 Head Coaches

    Richt was #97 ... Petrino at Louisville was #130 ....... Mark Stoops of Kentucky was #1
  5. mdpcane

    Ron Cherry's Funniest Call

    the goofiest official in football history says the player is guilty of a personal foul because "he was giving him the business" try to find THAT in the rule book ! :zczkqmritjdsoaq.jpg:
  6. mdpcane

    NCAA Oversight Committee to Discuss Targeting, Overtime Rule Changes
  7. mdpcane

    1992 CANES - FSU

    This is the Wide Right II game in Miami. That Orange Bowl magic was working !
  8. mdpcane

    1991 CANES - FSU

    CANES beat the Semenoles in the famous Wide Right I game.
  9. mdpcane

    Florida Gaytors

    August 31, 2019 --- this is what the Miami Hurricanes will do to the Gaytors. Bank on it ... the scumbag Gaytors don't know what's going to happen to their sorry reptile asses !
  10. mdpcane

    1979 CANES-Penn State

    a great CANES victory led by the great QB legend Jim Kelly
  11. mdpcane

    Gattis to Maryland ? WRONG Gattis New OC at Michigan

    this afternoon someone posted a thread announcing that Josh Gattis, the co-OC at Bama had been hired to be Maryland's new OC . this proves how you can't believe everything you read. apparently Gattis has been hired by Jim...
  12. mdpcane

    Send Messages to Allen Hurns On Twitter

    thought it might be really good for CANES to send prayers and good wishes for a complete recovery to a great CANE Brother on his Twitter if you have an account. thanks CANES ! Allen HurnsVerified account @A1hurns The Official Page of NFL WR Allen Hurns from the U. Instagram: a1hurns Dallas...
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    Manny Diaz press conference (VIDEO)

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    UNC Offense vs FSU (2016)

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    Its DEAD, Jim

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    The "Hiring a Coach" Game

    i hope this might help a few people understand something very simple about what's going on now at Miami. the agents of a lot of coaches everywhere are circling like sharks because the Miami HC vacancy is like blood in the water. this is an opportunity to get a big raise and/or extension for...
  17. mdpcane

    Miami Helmet Idea

    here's an idea to motivate the players. Take the U decal off the helmets and leave them plain white or put an orange and green LOL on them until the CANES win the ACC championship. when they win the ACC, put the U back on.
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    this is the big one. Heisman trophy winning Sooners QB vs the Bama Defense.. Best match-up of the year !
  19. mdpcane

    CLEMSON - Notre Douche Live Discussion Thread

    GO CLEMSON .... we wanna see the Tigers bend the leprechaun over a log !