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    Blue chip ratio

    If we are 7-6 we ain't doing nothing in recruiting! We go 10 or better, then we clean house!!! We can get excited all we want now, but its about the wins that will make or break our recruiting!!
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    Change in recruiting strategy?

    Havent been winning to make that formula work! We need to continue to try and get the best from SFL and expand to cherry pick from around the country!! This worked for JJ, Butch Davis! When we stopped winning on a consistent basis the best started looking for a better product, that's why we are...
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    The stadium might not be right on the campus but it’s not far and is centrally locates for most of the fans can get to from the North South and west! One of the easiest exits and getting in and out! And right near the Turnpike! What they need to do is continue to build a good atmosphere...
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    I hate driving down in that area because of continuous traffic without any football games! Imagine going down there on the Dolphin Expressway passing the airport, the 826 that’s always packed, 95 getting off to go west during game days on the Dolphin expressway! My question is even if they...
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    NSFW Can we please keep the sexy pictures off the football board?

    Wow! Now they will just think he's normal and not g*y! I would prefer sex girls!
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    Miami Hires Hickson as RB Coach, Barry as OL Coach, releases statement

    If people on here could just understand this fact!! It's like putting the cart before the horse looking for a good recruiter first and hoping that they can be great coaches! It's better to find top skilled teachers of the game and when it translate to the field it attract great athletes...
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    Manny’s revenge counterpunch to Alabama

    You said a lot of nothing to say the same thing!! My point was winning settles everything! But nice that you like Snow White!
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    He probably realize living with Saban after that azz whipping on National TV won't be peaches and creams! Best to get the steppin somewhere else!
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    Idgaf we are going to whoop floriduh

    I feel like I went from the sinking Titanic to jumping on the charter boat full of hoes!!
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    Manny’s revenge counterpunch to Alabama

    Not only that which I agree with you! Diaz must have fumed for revenge to when those recruits set him up to pick Georgia and Alabama on national TV when it look like they were favoring us!! That right there probably set a fire in Diaz to hunt down athletes wherever they are to help out...
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    Is Nick Saban in the portal?

    CFL might be dead but look like Miami is reaping the benefits of the Portal!! This could be the rise of the great U once again as these recruits now begin to look for a nice landing spot!! But Diaz needs to tread carefully though who he let in!!
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    North Texas’ Graham Harrell, For OC?

    Anyone else hearing this? I’m no insider but his bio I approve of! You guys roasted Manny when he can with zero notoriety but he turned out OK. His bio and vision on DF excited me if it could translate to the field, which it did. Harrell’s offense will kill it in Miami if he.can translate his...
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    If we still dont have an OC

    Child please!! What emotion will he bring to kids that need passion when it's not the dollar??
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    The key to Clemson's success - take note Manny.

    Your pretty much spot on with your assessment!! I would add too that Saban's antics probably ran it's course with players and coaches. He looked more worn out and disinterested on the sideline. This would be his calling to get out before it becomes more embarrassing for him. But as far as...
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    Film Room: Our Defense Under Blake Baker

    I would actually go with Ford. He looks to have more upside than Bethel.
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    Player you’re most excited about next year

    I will get excited about any QB that can step up to the moment!! JW is the preferred candidate!!
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    I hope y’all give those 5 stars a break!

    Dude! get lost freak, I'm taken already!!
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    I hope y’all give those 5 stars a break!

    I didn't call you a ******! And you misspelled the word ******!! I guess you didn't get that word in your spelling bee class. I did call you a NERD though!
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    #1 thing I learned from last night's game!

    It's better to have skilled teachers and talented coaches then great recruiters!! If we didn't learn from James Coley before Golden plucked him from FSU the year after he was named the best recruiter in college football only to come to Miami and really couldn't close on any of the high quality...