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    Burgers and baseball - Looking for Help from an Alum

    Hey everyone, I wanted to see if any alum is going to the burgers and baseball game vs Louisville on 4/17. I got an email invite from the school and I cannot order tickets because I am not an Alum. I am looking to use 3 thinks. If anyone is willing to do it, I'll pay an extra $10 per ticket
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    Michael McLaughlin - OL from MSD

    I coached at Monarch last year. He got hurt against us on the last play of the game. Dude dominated and played with a mean streak between the lines
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    Bryce Gowdy

    I'm in north Broward (Pompano) but honestly whatever door opens first. there are kids in need all throughout south Florida
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    Bryce Gowdy

    Hey everyone, A while back I started a charity Next Level Academy International that both @DMoney and I have spoken about in the past. I want to do afterschool athletic development for at-risk kids. They are facing an uphill challenge and obstacles that are of no fault of their own. I am in...
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    UA and All American bowl updates

    Why didn't we go hard after Rosemy?
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    Joe Brady William and Mary

    I want to be home too but for about a 500,000 a year difference, I'll keep my ass in the bayou and stack $$$ before leaving for the NFL
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    Justin flowe

    **** em. Full court press on Amari Daniels
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    Enos is a Dead Man Walking

    You're Right... Baker got to go too
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    Knighton committing means

    I think Lingard is gone... 0 carries today
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    Butch is a scum bag..sorry but he is

    Wait... This really happened?
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    2021 DB Kevin Knowles Receives Miami Offer, Discusses Recruitment

    I coached at Creek with Taiwan. why we did not recruit him baffles the hell out of me. He is killing it in Indiana.
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    Diaz updates injuries, gives take on bye week goals

    At FAU we called it the toilet bowl... That's the only PT my sorry ass got lol
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    FNI Q&A: 10/27

    Great Q session guys lol
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    Jeff Thomas suspended today

    I may have missed it but do we know exactly why he got suspended?
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    CB Stanley Garner enters the Portal

    It seems like South Florida kids transfer more than kids around the nation. I don't know if that is true or all but it feels like that.
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    Pitt -5.5

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    It will only work if he does not have checked bags... Otherwise he might be cutting it close.
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    Hodges still strong with UM, puts on 20 pounds this offseason

    I was never that much of a fan. I help at Monarch and our WRs were getting separation. Brandon Innis a FRESHMAN for U-School beat him deep for a touchdown. I think he has all the tools but I believe he is a developmental player. That doesn't change. If he recommitted I would still consider him...
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    Nesta silvera vs va tech

    Greg R too
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    Notes On Yulkeith Brown's Offer

    What about going from private to public?