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    UF baseball > UM baseball

    UM can’t beat UF!
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    Hangover Help!!

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    OT: Deerfield Beach football player shot to death

    Riviera Beach is a **** hole. Even worse since they renamed Old Dixie Highway to Barack Obama Highway!
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    OT: Who had the highest Vertical of all time in the NBA?

    Gus Johnson from the University of Idaho and played in the NBA had a 52" vertical and snatched quarters off the top of the backboard.
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    Trajan Bandy

    He looks like Nippsy Russell!
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    Jarren Williams new home....... FIU?

    If you can’t beat’em, join’em!
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    Lamar Thomas on “short list” for WR Coach

    George Teague likes Lamar!
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    🚨 NEW COMMIT - Keyshawn Smith 2020 WR 🚨

    Visions of Santana Moss and Roscoe Parrish. Nice get!
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    OT - Antonio Brown in more trouble

    He'll be broker next year living in one of his Bentley's on the streets of Hollywood.
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    Baker and Banda having a circle jerk on Twitter

    Not satisfied until UM is top 10 in every category!
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    Staff Changes

    Bring in Ed Reed for DB coach and co-DC!
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    Barry Jackson: Lashlee to UM Almost Done

    Phil could be his step father!
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    Pinckney not playing in the bowl

    5th round pick at best!
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    Jeff Thomas declares

    XFL bound!
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    Kendal Briles

    FAU needs to hire Briles as HC!
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    Open QB competition ahead of bowl game

    Martell and Matocha need to get the reps.
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    OT: Antonio Callaway

    You can take the kid out of the hood, but you can't take the hood out of the kid!
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    Steve Addazio fired

    Al Golden to BC!
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    Who is asked to enter the portal?

    Hillary and Herbert need to be on the list!