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    If we HAD to lose to a Coastal team, we're fortunate that it's UNC

    Despite all the doomsday prepping around here, the Coastal is still extremely feasible this season. UNC has Clemson (loss) and @NC State (potential loss) as their crossovers, as well as the usual Coastal slate. With Clemson as a nearly guaranteed loss, we come about as close as we can to...
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    Phil Steele's 2019 Surprise Teams

    Miami listed as #2.
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    Justin Rogers

    Do we have any shot at this kid? 2020 5 star OG from Michigan who says he just got an offer from the new staff. He's got a picture of Sean Taylor at the top of his Twitter, but I haven't heard anything about him otherwise. Seems like a long shot, anyone got any info on him?