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  1. TheSwagger1

    Cam Harris pregame incident... any video of that?

    ... anyone have video of that? I had to be at one of my own kids’ sporting events Saturday and didn’t see it, and can’t find the clip in the condensed game on YouTube. Help!
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    Feb signing day

    To preserve my sanity I basically stopped following recruiting completely since Thanksgiving. Whatever my thoughts on yesterday’s process, there’s always some hope with a new face in charge. Can anyone give a list of guys we are still recruiting besides TS and Bogle?
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    Cameron Rising

    Current FR QB at Texas... didn’t we recruit him last year? Rumor is he might soon be on the transfer wire.
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    Tweet making the rounds...

  5. TheSwagger1

    Quarterbacks and linemen

    Every coach on the payroll needs to be recruiting these positions from tonight until signing day, and we need to spend a disproportionate amount of scholarships at these positions. Nowhere good enough.
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    Folks who analyzed Richt's career at Georgia, a question...

    ... was he quick on the trigger to fire guys? Hesitant? Average? Just curious how willing he is to make changes when it's deemed necessary. This isn't a thread to debate Kul/Rumph, by the way - I'm asking about Richt's history.
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    South Florida STAND UP!

    .... and head to the SEC. Golden, Williams, Dorito & Jethro recruited better than this defensive staff. Think about that for a while.
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    Hard time remembering a QB laying an egg that bad against such a **** opponent with stakes that high.
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    Hi God. It's me, Swag.

    Whatever I did.... I'm sorry. I really am. Please make it stop.
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    I see ya. Congrats.
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    I'm not a proponent of asking kids to leave...

    ... but I think we have no choice but to go nuclear this year at OL and DB. By my count we have at least 5 underclassmen on the OL who almost certainly aren't of the physical caliber you'd need to feel confident putting them in a game against a Florida State or Virginia Tech. That's simply...
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    Polendey took a dirty shot Friday night...

    'There's a difference between playing physical football and hurting people': Dirty hit from Plano player on Guyer TE prompts apology, reprimand from coaches | SportsDay
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    JUCO or SR transfer CB/S - we need to be looking

    I'm amped about this season, but thinking about recruiting need, it sure seems to me like we need to be going hard after a JUCO CB & S this year. Who starts opposite Jaquan at safety next year? What if Jaquan gets banged up? Scary thin depth there, and not sure you can count on Finley or...
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    Canes offer TX 2019 RB Noah Cain

    735864565842464769 Kid was very very good as a freshman. Same school as Polendey.
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    Runing backs - rank em

    Curious to see board's opinion on this. Looks like there will be some tough decisions to be made next year. I'm throwing Homer in here for fun. Rank: Travis Homer Robert Burns Anthony McFarland Kyshaun Bryan Bentavious Thompson
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    The longer I follow recruiting...

    ... the more convinced I am that a huge percentage of these kids are just really idiots. There are too many examples to name, but one that's jumping off the screen this year is being a firm commit to Miami with Golden but not being sure about Miami with Mark Richt. Another is the relative...
  17. TheSwagger1

    If there was ever a situation where Dorsey to OC made sense

    ... this is it, right? Richt wants to be more hands on, has legit creds as an OC, and is the boss but will need someone putting more hours into the actual OC spot than he can give himself.... Dorsey's the guy with a good offensive mind and QB-coach experience who most agree has nice...
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    The types of guys that TCU wins with on D

    TCU does a great job of finding fast, aggressive guys on D that are typically a little undersized and ignored by everyone, and then they make a nasty defense with them. I was watching this kid Kolbi McGary today.... zero big time offers, and it's not really about him specifically, but it really...
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    So, we gonna sign any DTs this year?

    ? Usually by October you've heard some names, I haven't heard anything realistic.
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    Dev Clarington

    I know that he's not a factor at all for Miami, but does anyone know the latest on his situation?