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    Do you typically get the flu vaccination?

    Smart thinking. You don’t want suffer from mercury deficiency.
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    Off - Season Coaching Moves

    Wasn’t he the dude who took over as interim HC when the scandal forced Butch out at UNC?
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    MSU hires Mel Tucker

    That’s why I said they should’ve just hired Golden from the start. He’s great at navigating “clouds.”
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    Sobering QB tweet

    Oh okay, so not a literal rebuild, but just a rebuild of the team’s confidence? Kind of reminds me of when Dr. Leo Marvin advised Bob Wiley to take a vacation from his problems.
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    Charlie Strong hired as Bama analyst

    No votes for Jimmy Johnson???
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    Olsen to Seahawks

    Well, that explains a lot.
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    Olsen to Seahawks

    Teaming up with Jimmy Graham? I could see this being Olsen’s final season. He’s ready for the broadcast booth.
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    Sobering QB tweet

    Craig Erickson started a lot of games for the Bucs, Colts, and some for the Dolphins in the mid-90’s. But the last championship Miami QB to start in the NFL was Dorsey. He started games for the 49ers and Browns from about ‘04 to ‘08. He went 0-3 as the Browns starter in ‘08. Do the math. That’s...
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    Clemson, UGA to open 2021

    This is much more “neutral” than UGA getting hosed every year by having to travel to Jax for a “neutral” site game in the Crocs’ backyard. It should also be pointed out that Clemson will almost certainly NOT have Trevor Lawrence when these two meet.
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    XFL Buy/Sell

    How can they add a few AAF teams when the AAF no longer exists?
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    Sobering QB tweet

    You just blew up the whole premise upon which this thread was built.
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    UCF pays The Onion $1Million

    He clearly did not get my memo. Either that, or he did get it, but maybe it wasn’t strongly worded enough.
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    UCF pays The Onion $1Million

    Bleeds orange & green, and yet he went to work for the Crocs.
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    Ousman Traore?

    Is he ahead of Dykstra on the depth chart?
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    Grad Transfer WR Rico Bussey Jr

    If this WR is related to Gary Busey, then he’s a definite take. If not, then I’d pass.
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    Athlon's top 10 national champs

    Welcome back, Beano Cook. We’ve missed you.
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    Athlon's top 10 national champs

    Did their win get vacated along with Reggie Bush’s Heisman?
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    Off - Season Coaching Moves

    We won’t hold our breath.
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    Potential Two Deep lets discuss

    Ah, yes. The mysterious “player to be named later.” I can’t wait.