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    🚨 BREAKING NEWS - Telly Lockette joining the staff 🚨

    Maybe he cant be tied to dropping bags if he's not officially here. 3D chess not checkers
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    brandon meriweather or kenny phillips

    BM was that dude
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    Zaslow and Amber

    **** really? I haven't listened to sports radio in years. She's fucking awful I can't believe she's national.
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    Zaslow and Amber

    Anyone has to be better than Joy Taylor. She still on the air?
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    OT: J Jeudy at Combine

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    Article on Pinckney

    Same here...others like Morris and Richards the jury is out on IMO. But this article read to me that he really didn't even see anyone and just thought he was playing through bumps and bruises. If he had an MRI and was misdiagnosed by the med staff then they should all be canned.
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    OT: YOUR football picture

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    Kirby steals Bama SC coach

    Dumb hire. He's never coached before and now with an on field title he can't even be utilized much for what he's great at. Screams of desperation from Kirby.
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    Do you typically get the flu vaccination?

    Oh **** I'll have to check. I really avoid frozen foods but I do like to keep some Trader Joe's frozen items in stock. Their asian meals are pretty good and certainly worth having handy in place of some shitty take out if I get the craving.
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    Gator Tears

    Gator Nation
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    Do you typically get the flu vaccination?

    Cauliflower gnocchi sounds amazing
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    Updated 247 player rankings

    So, we need a CIS GoFundMe?
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    Do you typically get the flu vaccination?

    While this is true, it can still trigger a response and cause flu-like symptoms.
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    New "football agent" policy

    You can almost see it happen before your eyes. Kids here have flashed early and sputtered out like clockwork at Miami. Garvin didn't magically start to suck with more experience.
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    New "football agent" policy

    Agreed but the situation called for swift action. Hopefully it is tweaked to allow good dudes like Austin give kids advice.
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    New "football agent" policy

    Austin Penny is steamed!
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    Do you typically get the flu vaccination?

    Shingles is something I'd consider a vaccination for. I worked with a woman a few years ago that had it in her early thirties and not to sound like a dick but she looked like she'd been in a fire as a kid. Scars all over one side of her face. Fug that
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    Do you typically get the flu vaccination?

    I've never gotten it and never had the flu I haven't been sick in probably 16-17 years. Maybe longer.
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    Who are you ignoring?

    OP is ***** made I only ignore my wife, like a real man
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    Kaidon Salter 4 star 2021 QB Cedar Hill, TX

    Needs work but I see the fit with Lashlee