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    Cade Weldon

    I'm gonna miss this dude mane. He was a barrel of laughs. Dude just seemed like a chiller. I'm not sure why he's transferring? Cade's actions indicated he's cool with being a backup. I don't honestly see him starting or being "the guy" at another Power 5 or good G5 school. I worry if losing him...
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    O-Line Weakness

    How we living boys. Obviously 2018 was wack, so forgetting that and moving on. I love the moves Manny has made. We look better. But I worry our O-Line is cheeks. I only right now feel confident in 4 guys: LG: Reed C: Gaynor RG: Donaldson (he's honestly pretty sus but whatever) RT: Scaife...
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    OT Friday Night Real Talk Hot Takes

    Publix subs are actually mediocre and vastly overrated. Publix fried chicken whole pieces = super good and way underrated
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    Tai >>>> Michael Johnson Jr.

    Tai is infinitely better at making reads quickly, making quick decisions and he has a more college ready frame than MJJ. Watch both tapes. To me it's an absolute no brainer that Taisun Phommachanh should be #1 on our QB board.
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    What is the Croot List for UVA

    I want to keep the momentum going. Which croots will be at the Rock at noon? Thanks to anyone with the info.
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    Jameis - Still a Tard

    GOAT Pregame Speech. Damn.
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    F ESPN, I Hope they all Catch AIDS

    F ESPN. They're running a fa66ot hit piece about some geriatric fukk names Wally Triplett. They're implying that Miami is racist and segregated and Penn State stands for inclusion. How about shtty Paterno protecting a freak he was paying to rape orphans. I want every ESPN employee and their...
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    Aw Hell Yeah

    Huge win. Langham with the David Tyree helmet catch. Damn. Just awesome. That clipping call was complete horseshit. Can't believe that was called.
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    2018 OT Colten Blanton receives offer

    Searles just offered Colten Blanton a 4* OT from Cy Ranch outside Houston. Currently committed to the landfill incinerator that is Texas A&M. How do we look for him? Would be good to get another quality Tackle. Film looks good. Plays with some aggression. Good hands. Foot quickness and...
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    IMG-Chandler Game

    Look forward to seeing our guys. Sits, Hightower and Williams. 10:30 ESPNU
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    Off Season Thread: FSU-Bama Week 1

    The season is coming up so quick I can taste it. Excited for the season and I think we have an excellent shot to win the Coastal. September 2 just wondering how the rest of you will be rooting (aside from hanging 70 on Bethune). On the one hand f FSU with a barbed wire dildo covered in AIDS...
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    2018 QB - Young Better Kaaya

    Hey guys. Longtime Cane fan. Love the progress we're making. I think the Canes should take a look at a 2018 QB out of CT. Kid is really gifted as a passer, already has Rutgers and UCONN offers and will blow up on the camp circuit. He's a Buckeye fan but his school sends a lot of kids to the U...