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  1. TrueFloridian

    Happy Signing Day U Fam

    This day was monumental as a UM fan for the first Wednesday of February. You have to go back more than a decade to find huge upsets, flips, and adds on top prospects like today. The best troll job of the cycle was done on our most hated rival with Tae committing to UM over UF. This is payback...
  2. TrueFloridian

    No Fix Here

    WOW! Pods here we’re claiming FIU sucked. They were 5-5 coming into tonight. The teams they have beat are better than Gtech. The talk is gross. Manny tried to spin this tonight. There’s no spinning this loss. He’s in over his head. Butch should have left as the head coach at UM tonight. The...
  3. TrueFloridian

    WhoreChant podcast = Wow

    I can’t believe people listen to this trash. Albeit Noles fans. This is more delusional than the Gator pods all summer long. #1 the guy says Miami will never be back and he expects FSU to be back under Taggart. The reason he sites UM will never be back is due to multiple HC changes, off campus...
  4. TrueFloridian

    Diaz Corched This Game

    We can blame other coaches, players, etc. But Manny was schooled by his grandpa. Mack beat Manny for two huge passing plays against Ivey and Bandy. He knows Manny’s defense and Manny wasn’t prepared. Manny made a rookie move going for it on 4th and 3 when it wasn’t necessary in the first half...
  5. TrueFloridian

    Update: Straight Outta Duval Tonight

    Was informed tonight by the longest tenured Hurricane Club member I know some good noise. The most prominent law firm in Jax had several partners place heavy bets on the UM money line while in Vegas recently. These are Duval county boys that all went to various colleges. A UVA GRAD threw down 5...
  6. TrueFloridian

    Patchan Interview

    "We could go 2-10 but if we beat UF and FSU it's a pretty successful season." This guy gets it. Hopefully his mentality is contagious.
  7. TrueFloridian

    In the Trenches

    The hype is real for week zero. I was wondering what's the true talent at 2019 UM vs. 2019 UF vs. 2018 LSU in the trenches. The star rankings and experience of the guys in the trenches is normally a great indicator of who will win big rivalry games. And yes, these are projections so you can...
  8. TrueFloridian

    UF Tape & Mullet Interview Observations

    First and foremost all the “experts” giving early analysis on this game seem all wrong. I’m surprised with what I saw on tape vs what people believe will happen 8/24. I watched the UF spring game to start things off. You’d have never known the “strength” of the team is the secondary and the...
  9. TrueFloridian

    Keilan Robinson

    4 star RB from DC committed to Bama but hasn't signed. You'd have to think Enos knows the kid. Bama already has Sanders. There's no way this kid gets any PT early at Bama. We all know RB's get banged up. Martin won't be eligible next season. It worries me that Burns might have to be...
  10. TrueFloridian

    What must be the reason we’re waiting

    Is that Manny convinced the Clemson CO-OC to be the new OC. I have higher thoughts of Diaz than I’ve had of any head coach since Butch. That being said, the fruition needs to be a strong close of a proven winner. There’s no reason not to have an OC in place by now unless you’ve failed miserably...
  11. TrueFloridian

    Gase as OC/Asst HC

    I know for a fact his family loves living in Fort Lauderdale and his kids love their school. They just bought the lot next door to add on to their house. Diaz better make the call today to at least see if it’s an option. UM can afford to throw $2mil at him and give him full control of the...
  12. TrueFloridian

    UGA QB Commit Wavering...

    John Rhys Plumlee He's a consensus top 10 dual threat QB. UGA just flipped a QB from OSU yesterday that already signed. I hope lil John is at least kicking the tires. The kids tape looks legit.
  13. TrueFloridian

    Richt Postgame

    He has looked defeated the past few weeks. This week though he was on the defensive before even being positive. He has the look in his eye of someone losing his job. I think he’s going down faster than Golden. The BOT now is certainly more apt to do it. It’s hard to see him continuing at this...
  14. TrueFloridian

    What we all feared happened

    I truly believe we all expected to beat Duke tonight. We weren’t sure about covering the spread at 8 but we’d likely win. I’d say most of us thought there was a 25% chance or less we’d actually lose the game. The real part now is that we all know now Richt is done. Not just the hard core fans...
  15. TrueFloridian

    Official t-shirt for CIS

    I think it is overdue for CIS to have a T-Shirt. It should be an annual shirt that signifies membership. It’d be a way for us all to meet at games, tailgates, etc. The first thing that came to my mind was hiring Beau Bradbury to make a Sebastian wearing the chain with 5 rings on one hand and...
  16. TrueFloridian

    LSU isn’t very good

    UM played like complete trash. This is 100% on the coaching staff. This team looks exactly like last years with zero improvements. We are actually worse and got exposed. It’s pathetic that most of us have seen and noted these deficiencies, but the staff hasn’t corrected them. Last night was our...
  17. TrueFloridian

    Striker Drills in Practice - Video

    The striker position is going to get a lot of turnover chain action this season. Nice way to practice tip drills...
  18. TrueFloridian

    Shoutout to Stefan

    For doing a bang up job on the interviews at the Opening. It was a pleasure reading the posts. He was able to write up most of the top prospects considering UM. He gave his honest opinion without the fluff. It is something we haven’t had on this site before. This is the true work! Thanks again...
  19. TrueFloridian

    Spring Game MVP

    Was Brian Hightower. He showed elite hands and body control. As in #1 WR written all over him. He laid out for deep ball. He torched Frierson and Dean on fades for TD’s. He also tight ropes the sideline. He looked like the best WR on the field. He’s going to be in the 2 deep and possibly...
  20. TrueFloridian

    Marcus Johnson 2018 CB (ESPN #142 overall)

    He hasn't committed anywhere. He has offers from several power 5 schools. The kid looks a little undersized but tape is pretty good. This could be a good pickup considering the lack of CB depth. Any thoughts?