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    Cringey ASF!!

    This was debunked. You boomers got caught by some more fake news
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    Greg Rosseau

    What’s the final number for the dline on the game?
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    OT: For the old dudes in here that keep calling people younger than them Millenials

    I love how much this board shits on kids younger than them and blame a whole generation for Miami being bad. I don’t think any of the teams in the top 10 are crying about gen z
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    Espn gameday segment on Miami Vs Fsu both are down

    And they hate us because we suck
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    Bear called it on game day
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    Miami vs UNC game may have to be cancelled/rescheduled

    And the internet tough guys that played at tropical park during hurricanes
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    “Play smart” - Jimmy Johnson

    I thought he threw up the U?
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    College game day

    That crowd is so far away from the set, they might as well be at universal studios
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    Whats cookin this weekend?

    Going to The Field House in Philly to watch with the Philly Canes group, so I guess whatever food they serve
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    University of Florida Twitter

    It is, they intentionally troll with it, they've done it a lot but nobody really took the bait until the peach bowl and now
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    Feeling nervous about tomorrow

    Just tell me we roll dude, I've been waiting all summer for this
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    University of Florida Twitter

    I saw on Reddit that they do this on purpose because later in the day they post "every day is game day"
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    Feeling nervous about tomorrow

    Jarren's first start Manny's first game as HC We're historically trash in neutral field games Please somebody... Tell me we roll these motberfickers
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    TD Chain is being picked up

    How does Omar know it's for the offense? Maybe it's turnover chain v3
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    What an absolute loser

    We always complain about media guys being homers for their schools and then complain when Richt isn't a homer forMiami?
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    DT: Elijah Conliffe

    Any source on that? Don't get our hopes up
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    Hype Thread

    Agreed with that for sure, I get flashbacks to the sh!t talking about before the LSU game and look where that got us
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    Diaz gives final thoughts ahead of UF

    I heard Jimmy was handing out extenze samples to the team for their celebration activities after the game