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    Feeling nervous about tomorrow

    Jarren's first start Manny's first game as HC We're historically trash in neutral field games Please somebody... Tell me we roll these motberfickers
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    Philly Area Canes Bars?

    New to Philly from South Florida, looking for a good canes bar to watch some of the games this season. Does one exist?
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    FSU MLK Post

    was this already posted? I can't believe a team conceptualized, created, and posted this without realizing what they were doing lol
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    Michael Irvin on Jimmy Kimmel

    The Playmaker had a great interview last night, hope Jr. stays healthy this year.
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    OT: Aaron Hernandez Podcast

    Not sure if other people here are talking about it, but the Boston Globe's Spotlight team is doing a podcast series on Aaron Hernandez called Gladiator. This morning's ep is all about his time in Gainesville and how Meyer covered up all of the arrests. It's pretty good if anyone is interested.
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    Feeling nervous about a low-spread road night game.

    Virginia crowd gonna be fired up, I'm sure a lot of people will be picking the upset. Someone tell me we roll?
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    Thinking back to when Richt said that Homer is one of the best guys he's ever had

    Just think about every single RB to come out of Georgia and the high praise Richt gave Homer. Worth his weight in gold, only hope the best for his career:
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    Rivalry game always makes me nervous...

    someone tell me we roll
  9. T Here's what FSU should put in the turnover backpack besides an L
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    Where to buy new chain?

    Can anyone help me find where to get the new Sebastian Chain? Looking for a replica, don't have 100k to drop on the actual
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    FIU Tickets

    Trying to get tickets for the UM/FIU game. Tickets on StubHub are pretty astronomical, especially parking passes. Anyone here know somebody that can't make it to the game and is trying to sell tickets? I don't mind spending money, but $120 for an orange lot parking pass is kind of crazy.
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    Lebatard Finebaum bit

    I know most of this board hates Dan Lebatard, but they came up with a great "Miami Bro" character named Pipo who called into Paul Finebaum and trolled him talking about driving the caja china and moose juice up to Dallas. It was hilarious, he was so annoyed. It'll be on their podcast later today...
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    So... who can tell me what to expect tomorrow night?

    Someone tell me we roll these motherfuckers
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    If you see an ND fan wearing this chain

    Kindly escort them off the premises
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    CIS and DMoney Shoutouts

    I know Lebatard is pretty universally hated around here, but this morning Mike Ryan was giving a shoutout to CIS and D Money on the show. Thought that was pretty cool of him
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    Tailgate Thread

    It may be too early to discuss this, but **** it I'm excited. Where's everyone tailgating? What are you eating? What are you drinking? I'll be in blue lot, haven't decided on drinks yet beyond a handle of Jameson, but keeping the food relatively simple with some burgers/brats/snacks. Maybe a...
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    We've Played Everyone at Their Best

    To everyone talking about how we played bad teams and we're only "above average." Let's look back at the schedule and the people we played against/how they were viewed. Toledo: They came in one of the top ranked offenses and one of the best teams in their conference, Miami was coming off of...
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    3:30 Kickoff Set for Saturday

    Hoping it's nice and hot out, don't expect the orangemen to be able to handle the heat.