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    Keontra Smith a striker now?

    Oh no I'm not saying I disagree I'm just saying what I think the reason on why they wouldn't move Carter to striker. I agree he position is a linebacker
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    Keontra Smith a striker now?

    Amari stays at safety for the simple fact that bolden is a 100% healthy and didn't sell them on him being the starter full time and going into this year amari has the most experience on the whole defense
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    WR Alexis hearing from Likens, has UM high in his mind

    Please jesus make this kid a cane. I have become a huge fan of the kid. He is gonna be a baller
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    The epitome of South Florida Football

    Yes our soflo coaches make ****. When I was Southridge both Cooneys pj and pop both taught classes there. I know a good amount of soflo hs coaches that care about money usually work for the school during the day
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    This 2021 Class

    I dont see the need for 2 rbs and 2 tes. Cam harris is not declaring for the nfl so u take 1 rb. Brevin will declare but mallory will stay unless he has a monster season which is unlikely csz brevin will see majority snaps. I would go 6 ol 3 tackles 2 interior and 1 swing guy. And 5 wr
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    4-star OL Sutton details how UM landed in his top 7, set for summer decision

    A bit of a different spin here but I like it because he is honest with himself which means he really should take to coaching. Sign me up for this kid
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    Rivals Camp: WR v. DB

    Dude I am a huge fan of alexis. We could land hands down the most disgusting class at wr. Imagine brinson,yulky, bralon, and jaden alexis. Lashlee please make this offense go
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    Miami Hurricanes at the nfl combine

    In the nfl probably outside linebacker or box safety. He is gonna be a 3rd down package and special teams guy in the nfl in all honesty
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    (2021) Thad Franklin Updates??

    What u hearing about lashlee so far
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    2021 OL Rodriguez Discusses Recruitment Following Miami Offer

    I want a ol class of jc latham, eli sutton, michael McLaughlin, ryan Rodriguez, Laurence Seymoure and then maybe michael marshall
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    2021 DE Ja'Corey Hammett receives offer

    A little clip from rivals he posted
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    2021 WR Bralon Brown

    They do but it's all gonna fall on the coaches gonna be hard to not give thad Carrie's after he took them to states. Selfishly I hope he stays unde the radar making it an easier recruiting process for us
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    2021 WR Bralon Brown

    And chaminade doesn't throw it that much with having Franklin in the back field
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    2021 QB Aaron McLaughlin receives offer

    Solid kid imo thing that really stands out is ball placement which is huge at the next level not only leading kids for more yard but I saw a couple clips that if he led the kid said kid gets blasted and most likely drops the ball so he makes the kid sit to save him. The biggest problem he has...
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    DMoney Jadon Hood

    @Liberty City El u hearing the same?
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    Raymond/Banda - Trippin or on to something

    I think most people's problem with banda is he gets played like a fiddle when it comes to recruiting majority of the time. Got played Josh jobe, tyriqye Stevenson, ladarius tennison, billy Gibson, sean Davis. That's my guess could be wrong
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    Raymond/Banda - Trippin or on to something

    I agree but to play devil's advocate that's a little tough as Johnson basically started for 3 years here and redwine played safety for 2. And no matter how much quans film showed his combine was gonna destroy his draft stock. In his years at Miami the only guys he really had were red and Quan...
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    Signing Day Profile: S Avantae Williams

    Harrell is gonna be a monster if developed correctly I see Isaiah Simmons type of player obviously not as fast. But he can guard slower wrs and can live in the box when he puts on weight. Ideal thing is to have him covering tes on early downs and roaming on 3rd
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    Gator Tears

    Jeez they're coached whiffed worse than rumph has in 5 years in 1 wow
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    Willie Moise

    Try again first of all um doesn't use the sliding scale and athletes must have at least 2.5 GPA and a score of 17/820 on the act and sat to qualify for um