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  1. BWCD

    Spring Objective

    Spring objective for me is to get King enough reps to be comfortable with the new offense and our skill guys, and hope like hell he doesn't have a freak injury in the process. I hate to even utter/post those words, but it's the type of BS we've been snake-bitten by for YEARS now. The universe...
  2. BWCD

    Next 2 weeks - what needs to happen

    NIT bid is probably a pipe dream as well. Last year, the ACC had 2 teams get NIT bids - NC State and Clemson. Both finished 9-9 in conference. If we win out our remaining regular season schedule, the best we can get is 9-11 in conference and 17-13 overall. Given that, we'd have to win at...
  3. BWCD

    Changes I’d like to see

    To anyone not willing to make any changes right now, here's my question - if it's "too early" to make changes now, when the fvck do you make them? Wait until ACC play? Wait until ACCT? Wait until Regionals? Super Regionals? Or is your actual answer "never" because of this long-term viewpoint...
  4. BWCD

    Miami vs Florida game #2

    I get coaching changes and stuff...and trainers/coaches having a certain training plan for guys on the team... ...but none of those aforementioned guys couldn't figure out for themselves that they needed to pick up something more than plyo-bands, and maybe follow Gabe Rivera to the gym and lift...
  5. BWCD

    Miami vs Florida game #2

    I posted the above in another preseason thread. It looks like this didn't occur, except for maybe Jenkins hitting the weights some. This not occurring, along with the errors/McFarlane's bad 10th, along with the loss of Zamora...and we lose yet again to the Gheytors. Fvcking depressing.
  6. BWCD

    Draft Projections - Zierlein

    I agree with this, and will add in that I think Pinckney will thrive somewhere in the league if he lands in the right spot. His speed and instincts are the type that translate to the league. The major obstacles for him are 1) how does he test, and 2) staying healthy.
  7. BWCD

    Zamora injury

    Yeah - Escala could have stepped in at 2B and been a solid player. Maybe one of the other guys is a baller just waiting for a chance in the lineup. I know the options are Tuero/Paige/Pollak, but I'd like for Lauck to get some game reps there to see if he can be a solution. Hell...I know this...
  8. BWCD

    Class Impact: Keyshawn Smith to Miami

    In fairness, I've seen both throughout the years (and not just on this board, either). Different posters end up with different hot takes just to be different, rationale and facts be
  9. BWCD

    Class Impact: Keyshawn Smith to Miami

    I agree with all of this - Redding probably didn't have to run those routes at IMG or West FL, but he's likely played at enough camps, 7-on-7's, and even at the UA Game against competition where he's probably had to do some of those things, and do them well. Otherwise, he wouldn't be as highly...
  10. BWCD

    Time for another Uniform Thread

    Other than us not playing well in them last season, there's nothing wrong w/our current unis. I'd rather stay away from the carrot/pickle looks (read: all orange/green), but otherwise, what we have is good. I wouldn't be against some new all black unis that get rid of the stretch tire marks...
  11. BWCD

    How good was Jacory Harris?

    In hindsight, he was probably a little better than we gave him credit for while he was here. Short/intermediate passing - good enough arm strength, pretty accurate as well. Anything deep? NOPE. I mean, don't get me wrong, he would sling it down there, but it was always a lofted moonball that...
  12. BWCD

    Isaiah Dunson CB commits

    I'm not reading 18 pages, but just from Dunson's tape - I'll tell you what I REALLY like about him - his ball skills. Dude knows how to chase it down and/or go up and get it. I'm tired of seeing our CBs just run with a guy and hope they can faceguard and knock the ball out at the last second...
  13. BWCD

    Dematrius Davis QB Offered

    Kid is pretty much the same size as Deejay was coming out of HS (remember - Deejay was a "QB" in HS that didn't throw much). Almost identical size. Similar skill sets too except this kid can throw the football much better than Deejay could. Speaking of comparisons - this guy is the same...
  14. BWCD

    Coaching Staff Update: 1/9

    Maybe Manny firing Enos, and then hiring Lashlee, then getting rid of Barry made Stubbs able to plead his case to Manny/Lashlee that he could operate under Lashlee. Kind of like in Scarface when Tony offers Ernie a job after Ernie just watched him shoot down Lopez and Bernstein.
  15. BWCD

    My Ideal Batting Order

    I agree with all of that. I just think in addition to technique, that being a little stronger will help give Vilar the confidence to stay back on those pitches, let them into the zone later and go with them to right-center.
  16. BWCD

    My Ideal Batting Order

    Lala's slow bat speed and Vilar's weak swings all were due to strength issues. I really hope both have gained a few pounds and gotten stronger in the weight room. I know Vilar's issues really showed, but let's face it - as great of a leadoff man as Lala is, there were swings last year where...
  17. BWCD

    My Ideal Batting Order

    In my mind, I think it's more about Zamora's extra power he's found pulling him to the 3 hole of the lineup than it is anything. If Lala/Vilar can get on ahead of Zamora and Freddy sends one out - there's 3 runs instead of 2 had Freddy hit a 2-run shot with just Lala on board. Zamora's power...
  18. BWCD

    My Ideal Batting Order

    I agree. However, I think the choice right now in the 2 hole is between Jenkins and Vilar...and at this point, I trust Vilar more in that spot...but the confidence isn't super-high. I hope he's gotten better, or someone else is able to take over that 2 spot. I pretty much agree with this too. I...
  19. BWCD

    Canes #4 in the first preseason poll of the year

    Same. I think my biggest thing is, I don't want to see these guys be the same as last year, make the same mistakes. I'd like to see some further development in all of their respective skill sets. Just some examples of what I'm looking at: 1) Toral needs to show more plate discipline. I think he...