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  1. mdpcane

    OT - Purdue’s 29-point Win

    Purdue’s 29-point win against No. 2 Ohio State is the third-largest by an unranked team against a top-2 opponent in AP poll history.
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    OT - Undefeated Teams Remaining

    There are 5 Div 1 FBS undefeated teams remaining. and TWO are in Florida. Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, Central Florida, and South Florida.
  3. mdpcane

    CANES Identity

    What is Miami's offensive identity and more importantly what is the Canes identity as a team at this point ? After starting 2017 10-0, the Canes have since gone 5-5, with three of those wins being over Savannah State, Toledo, and FIU and the other two a 1 point win over very weak FSU and a...
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    OT - Name for This Forum

    Is everyone ok with "Eye in the Sky" ? or should we go for suggesting a name change ? how about "THROUGH THE SMOKE" ? thats damn good, if I say so myself ! (y)
  5. mdpcane

    Canes 2018 Schedule

    So far this season, Miami is 5-2 and has beaten ONLY ONE team with a WINNING record (FIU) and has played ONLY TWO teams with winning records. (LSU and FIU) Having a relatively easy schedule, the Canes should have rolled through 2018 (CORCH MORK'S 3rd SEASON) either undefeated or with only...
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    OT - Reporter Asks Saban Stupid Question

    this is a great example how some reporters are just plain dumbasses.
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    Richt's New Offense

    Canes have 2 weeks to learn Corch Mork's new offensive scheme they will use against Boston College ......... he calls it "MOLECULAR OFFENSE" .
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    Mystery Solved

    People pretty much know about Corch Mork's career as a football coach. But how many people know anything about his career as a Miami QB ? Well.... let's take a very revealing look. Mork played from 1979-1982 and here are his career stats as a QB Completions - 103 Attempts - 229...
  9. mdpcane

    Something Everyone Can Agree On

    Miami has the BEST mascot in America -- Sebastian
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    The CANES Lost to Virginia

    Sometime tomorrow --- when beer-soaked brains finally get completely sober, there are going to be some VERY pissed off CANES fans when they realize that Miami actually LOST TO VIRGINIA... that REALLY happened and it wasn't some bad dream from drinking too many skunky beers. WARNING -- stay...
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    Is It Fly the Banner Time ?

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    nebrASSka started playing football in 1890... FIRST TIME EVER START 0-6 !!!
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    CANES 42 Va 20
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    Highest Ranked Team In Florida

    COACHES Poll out today --- UCF is ranked #9 Miami #15 Florida #16
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    CANES 49 Carolina 13
  16. mdpcane

    OT: Army football team leaves visiting locker room spotless after loss to Oklahoma

    Cadets almost pulled the upset on the road, losing 28-21 in overtime.
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    CANES 52 FIU 16
  18. mdpcane

    FIU - A "Rival" ?

    In an article about the upcoming CANES-FIU game, the Ft Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel called FIU a "RIVAL" ! Is the clown that wrote this kidding ? FIU is NOT NOW or EVER WILL BE a "RIVAL" of the Miami Hurricanes. This is like calling a skinny 3rd-grader a "RIVAL" of Kate Upton ...