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    Who are they gonna lose too? We need to get back to first in the coastal.
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    More designed Runs with Rosier back at QB? Could be a huge plus for the offense.
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    Richt Hates Perry

    Starting to think Richt really dislikes Perry.. in what world do you play a 5th year senior over a RS Freshmen. And the Freshmen is better ?
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    If we need Hire an OC or Richt just changed philosophy what changes would you want to see. I would love for us to be a team that spreads it around like an OSU. But I also love the pro style concepts that have bee know to run. What are yall thoughts? On Coordinators and Offensive Style.
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    Great Program vs Elite

    We are a great program. But not Elite.. Would rather go 9-3 With Perry at QB. Im sorry Defense, hopefully y'all can put up these numbers next year. (And no more of that we could still win the coastal ****) Thats mandatory. This off season will be really interesting Go Canes!
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    Short yardage

    We did a Great Job completing yardages play, But it made me wonder.. We should have a heavy Wildcat package with Deejay and/or Homer at QB. Maybe even Rosier just for running plays.. What do y’all think ?
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    Road Games

    We got 2 Tough games on the road. 10/26 @ BC and 11/17 @ VT. We will Dominate. End of story.
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    Run the Ball.

    Would love to see the staff use this FIU game as a game where we run the ball down their throats. DJ and Homer have a 100 a piece. And Young Lo will get another 40+ yard TD.
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    Good win today, Malik looked decent, Running game was effective . JT4 is a beast. BUT DAMN, we need a offensive coordinator. Preferably one from the Big 12. Our offense can be hard to watch at time. But at least we’re not FSU.
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    So are we Trash Trash? or 11-1?
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    2019 Recruiting

    I’ve noticed been have been slowing down recruiting wise for 2019. We were just a top 5 class a couple months ago.. Maybe we just have to win.
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    Assuming he comes back 100% Healthy. I can see Ahmmon having an Amari Cooper type junior year where he finished as a finalist for the heisman. Both had great freshmen years and “sophomore slumps”. AR has all the potential and skills to do it.
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    Anyone know the latest on Njoku road to recovery ? Also could we see him at TE. He would create crazy mismatches
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    How did Shaq and Mike look at the spring game? This could be the bag season for them.
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    2018 Uniform Combos

    Are we gonna see more uniforms combinations this year? I wouldn’t mind seeing orange on green or Vice Versa. Even white helmet Black Jersey and White pants. What do y’all think or should we just keep the traditional orange on white / green on white