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    Who's next on the chopping block

    If Manny can somehow stumble into hiring a competent OC, then everyone should go if the hire wants his guys. There is no coach on this staff that is above replacement.
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    And to think Manny fired

    I'm not gonna act like it wasn't the right decision to fire Richt's staff just because Manny hired a worse one. That doesn't make the previous staff good. Bottom line is Manny is not cut out to be the head man in charge. All his hires were terrible just like his gameday coaching and excuse...
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    Jennifer Strawley: Our Female Blake James

    I think I see the pubes of Blake James' husband in there.
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    My thing with the Transfer Portal.

    Richt never even fielded the full 85 scholarships. Manny is probably just trying to make up for that.
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    Canes still in strong position for 4-star QB Johnson Jr.

    None of the QBs we have are guaranteed to be the guy. So Johnson has the opportunity to come in and compete.
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    Inside info

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    Will Golden Flip anyone else's commits?

    So far, in both his first two classes here, he ended up flipping some kids from other schools. Finnie, Blue, Lockhart, etc. Not sure if we have room for any if we get the kids we're looking pretty good for though. But if we don't get all of them, who will Golden poach?
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    Thoughts On The Game

    Defense gave us a chance. Not there by any means, but I see progression. I wish I could say the same for the offense. Morris still locks on to the primary. He also guns it to 5 yd routes. Will he ever learn to go through progressions and put touch on the ball? We literally don't have...
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    Unblanaced Line

    I haven't noticed. Have we been using this at all this season? If there is a team to bust it out against, it's the Noles. I'd like to see Flowers and Seantrel next to each other or Seantrel to the left of Bunche to take ze German out of the game. Their Ends are nasty. I trust our OL in...
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    DL Pass Rush. Just a Thought.

    Since we pretty much don't get pass rush from the DL, they really ought to work on deflecting balls or something. I mean, you ought to know after a second that your not getting to the QB and we get burned by quick slants and whatnot all the time. JJ Watt said it himself and he is a great...
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    Props to the OL

    Alot of praise going around but IMO, the OL had the best performance by an OL in a long time. Morris actually was rushing some throws but he shouldn't have. He just needs to trust those guys. They played as a unit today.