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    After visiting for each UM home game, Hyppolite leaves door open for flip

    We all know Miami is in a big recruiting battle to land ILB Justin Flowe. With only one LB slot still available, my guess is the staff is focused on Flowe, with Hyppolite as the backup plan. Don't get me wrong, Ruben is a terrific prospect. However, Flowe is their primary target. If Flowe...
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    Theo Johnson TE

    Clearly a major violation of ncaa rules. You can't offer extra benefits as a condition of a commitment. But the ncaa will turn a blind eye when we are talking about an SEC school. Oh well! The ncaa is a corrupt entity that needs to be dismantled and send Emerett to prison. It will never happen.
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    Live Thread Updates: Carol City at St. Thomas

    Any Miami coaches at the game?
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    Theo Johnson, TE

    Your first sentence told me all I needed to know about you. BYE!
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    Henry Parrish, 2020 RB

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    Miami Mentions: 2020 Rivals250 - Preseason Update

    I read somewhere recently that Mammarelli did not participate on the camp/7x7 circuit because he is recovering from a shoulder injury. That would negatively impact his rating and rank. From all reports, the Canes should be happy about keeping him under the radar.
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    Gentlemen, calm down. We all want the best for our Canes, but as a parent I want what is best for my kid. That may not be the U. Let's be respectful to everyone; the kids, the coaches, the schools and each other. Life is too short. GO Canes! ZonaCane Miami, '70
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    James Williams Decommits

    Pork Chop... dead meat!
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    James Williams Decommits

    I've heard that Pork Chop carried the bag. Also heard Pork is bad for your health. Something about dead meat.
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    The interplay between this class and the Portal

    Money... As usual, it's a very good article. Clear, concise with excellent logic.
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    Class Impact: Don Chaney Jr. to Miami

    I've read Chaney compared to Todd Gurley.
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    Johnny Dixon?

    Time to put the foot on the brake. While it may happen, it's not over yet.
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    Jahfari Harvey Update

    Good news!
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    Class Impact: Michael Tarquin exits

    Could those two de-commitments, on consecutive days, have been orchestrated by the folks in Gainesville?