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    Donaldson's weight on new 2020 roster

    They making up fake stats like UF with their players speed. That guy is atleast 400 pounds.
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    Barry J. article summary on "behind the scenes" problems.

    Weak coaches allow these things to happen. Being buddy buddy and friendly is more important to them. Also nice hit job by the unnamed sources and former bum player. Put your name to it sucker so we can know u speaks facts. This in no way makes me think more of the staff. It makes me think less.
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    Butch Barry out Garin Justise in at OL

    All these hires get the same treatment. Wait and see
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    Lorenzo just blasted Miami on Ig

    Yall can take it as a bitter kid. It's also a wake up call. Like wtf is Diaz running down there. Let kids leave because they are being worked too hard, not the other way around
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    Ivins Update On Staff Changes

    This season will play out like the last. Clueless mann will be canned and so will Waste James. 12 more months of crap.
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    Defensive Rankings

    Miami got shut out by LA Tech.
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    Defensive Rankings

    They ain't carried crap. Our schedule was horrible. If they were great they shut out GT, La tech and FIU. Golden was winning 8 games with the worse D known to mankind. its not hard to win 8 games in the ACC.
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    Defensive Rankings

    Our defense is not No D terrible but they absolutely get exploited in key situations. Failing to make critical stops. Its Manny boys over there by and large. Go on Twitter and talk trash to fans like they have accomplished something.
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    Details on Friday meeting between Blake James and large donors

    Dont ask why we are in the sewer. fire waste james
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    Alonzo isn't the savior we're making him out to be

    Who tf in their right mind thinks Diaz knows what he is doing. Look at the assistants he hired. Sorry that strike 1. Also everybodyo have bosses. If Diaz did not go 6-7 we wouldn't be talking about this. Golden and Richt had authority to hire and fire. They hired bums and stayed loyal. I guess...
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    Blake is not getting Renewed..,

    Waste James made 2 terrible hires with zero due diligence done either time. He needs to be replaced by Highsmith. ASAP. Then say Lonzo, whip it into shape. Do what you think is best
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    Rate the Lashlee hire

    Here is what I'm not gonna do...rate this hire, predict our 2020 record, get excited over spring practice reports or Fr performances. I'll simply wait and see. If they dont fix our strength and conditioning and each player's fundamentals and understanding of the game we will be here again next...
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    Position coaches

    When was the last time a position coach went from that and DIRECTLY to Coordinator either at or after Miami? U cant remember. Wanna know where we are failing, start there. Why have Manny defensive staff that so "great" not have anyone going for interviews at schools doing better than us? Ask...
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    Highsmith update

    That's the same Charles Robinson who was blowing the far blab who was representing Shapiro. I have a severe dislike for that guy. Smug ass face
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    Newest Manny Navarro pod

    This is a dead horse . Miami could have and could still solve this with a cheap hire. Hire Butch Davis and a coach in waiting. They had multiple chances to do it. They keep giving the jobs to rookies who think they know instead of the man who last did it. Joke people man