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    Please Pray for Chad Thomas

    Just seeing this thread thank god he is ok❗️
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    Gator Tears

    Fvck UFAG I cant wait until we rip them a new one I can’t stand them jort wearing PHAGGOTS
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    Yulkeith Brown aims to return to Coral Gables as he preps for 2019 season

    Closest I’ve seen to Hester since Jeff Thomas I want this guy bad
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    Watched film on all 3

    Op username 😭😂...your a phaggot for that 😂
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    Am I Crazy?

    I believe it’s going to be a slugfest up into the fourth quarter but I got us winning because of the lack of depth on Florida defense. I believe it’s going to be some cramping from their dbs because they are going to be playing so many snaps! We need to keep the offense on the field and wear...
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    Fall Practice Summary- Day 9

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    Miami Mentions: 2021 Top247 Preseason Update

    That’s his brother
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    OT: FSU Twitter

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    Running thread for Saturday's visitors

    Tim Burns just committed 🙌🏾
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    Jonathan Denis

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    Sean Taylor

    Ed Reed was the best safety I ever seen and I think Sean was going to be better than him! RIP to the GOAT. I still remember the day it happened it still hurts me till this day
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    Thought on Thad Franklin

    Last I seen he was 225 6’1 Mack truck! He is still growing I wonder what size the coaches want him to come in at and what back do people compare him too! I’m a fan of his running style and would like to see him paired with Yulkieth!
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    Seymore on shutting down recruitment, Paradise Camp, and more

    Keep guys like him on the line I can guarantee we will be in the playoffs soon! 5 star potential
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    Tyler Herro

    It’s the offseason with no football news going on I’m pretty sure you know how to read thread title before you click them
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    Tyshon Dye

    Former Clemson player died at a water park sources comfirm. Rest In Peace to the young fella prayers for his family sent his way