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    Possible QB in the portal?

    I’ll take him if he bring Yost with him...wishful thinking
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    FSU - Morven Joseph De-commits

    Bro you stay with the heat always keep us updated with each recruit we appreciate you bruh
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    Playing USCe in 2026 and 2027

    Hell yea I’m definitely going to the game with my family hopefully I can talk **** to the shamecock fans all game
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    Knighton burst out his cuts is elite that’s the first thing that jumps out to me
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    Da’Vante Phillips George Campbell the list goes on
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    Junior Day List (2020/2021)

    Still stand by this
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    Home town recruiting??

    That would be a recruiting violation
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    Ivins Reporting 2021 Recruits on Campus Today

    Class of them would win a championship easily idk why they don’t understand if you stay home with all that talent you would dominate college football and get paid in the nfl soon. Why take the bag if you can become a legend in your hometown
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    Oklahoma at Baylor

    This game is looking like us when we beat Notre dame 2 years ago...the crowd is electric
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    Justin flowe

    Exactly my point a place where lbs go to bust
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    Justin flowe

    Lol this thread is funny I don’t think he coming either but can someone tell me the linebackers that Clemson develop that’s killing it in the league right now 🤔
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    Kyren Lacy-New WR offer

    Mike Williams and alshon was the best wrs I ever seen in person. Alshon was a lil better tho unstoppable even when double covered
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    Trai Jones, C (South Carolina commit)

    Spring valley, Goose Creek, and of course Byrnes push out D1 talent every year
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    Upon Further Review- Louisville

    I did notice Jarren took off and ran for a couple of first down I loved that it can open the offense even more if the defense have to account for his legs as well
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    Justin flowe

    Gotta love them coastal chicks 😭😂