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    Even with ALL the other issues....

    2017 was the worst thing that could have happened to Miami. What should've been an 8-4 regular season with a trip to El Paso ended up with us getting exposed hard and we never recovered. Oh and it got Manny hired as HC. The day we slaughtered ND was the best it will ever get around here for at...
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    Dollar quote, specifics and gofundme to fly the banner this Friday gentleman.

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    Even with ALL the other issues....

    It was 7-3 when Franks fumbled. Some of the bounces have gone our way as you noted. We are indeed a bad football team. But to have this happen so often in critical spots leads one to believe that there's probably some type of divine intervention occurring whenever we're about to gain any type of...
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    Pitt -5.5

    Agreed. There's no rhyme or reason to anything. The one thing we can be sure of is we'll look pretty bad most of the time.
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    Even with ALL the other issues....

    Even though this is about execution and not dumb luck, it still is pretty bad luck lol. You have to almost try to **** up as bad as we have. From the JT muff to the McKickin' blocked 25 yard FG. It's been an avalanche of "mind-numbing 50/50 decisions" as Manny put it. There hasn't been anything...
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    Pitt -5.5

    We see how we play as heavy favorites. For those of you still rooting for victories, you're only hope is this team responding to having their back against a wall as a road underdog in the cold. Good luck. /smashes cell phone
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    Even with ALL the other issues....

    Still waiting for us to run some type of rub/pick play down near the goal line. Literally every other football team is doing it.
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    Should he be offered?

    Committing to play here is the first sign that a kid is overrated. Not all of them, but the majority of these kids come here because it's NFL U and they'll only have to work hard enough to get drafted. Winning on Saturdays and playing for championships is gravy. It's been this way since the...
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    DO Not Renew Your Tickets

    How can you watch the games against CMU, GT, and VT and think, "I can't wait to commit myself and my money to watching this on Saturdays in 2020"
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    Who potentially transfer?

    who potentially transfer?
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    Even with ALL the other issues....

    Frustrating? Yes. But you make your own luck. We are what we repeatedly do.
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    2019-20 Rotation

    Since our frontcourt will be a weakness no matter what, here is what I'd do: Starting 5: Lykes / Vasiljevic / Beverly / McGusty / Miller Bench: Wong, Walker, Waardenburg
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    Worst Canes games this millenium

    worst losses worse losts worst losts 2000 WASH 2001 N/A 2002 OSU 2003 TENN* 2004 UNC 2005 LSU 2006 LOU 2007 UVA* 2008 UNC* 2009 CLEM* 2010 FSU* 2011 MARY 2012 KSU 2013 LOU 2014 PITT* 2015 CLEM* 2016 FSU* 2017 CLEM 2018 DUKE* 2019 GT* *denotes home game
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    Were we blown out in any games this year?

    Go Canes!!!!! Yay!!!!!
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    DJ Ivey and a DT stunt

    Wouldn't want anyone's feelings getting hurt.