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    Houston RT Grad Transfer Jarrid Williams enters Portal

    It's why, as much of a dickhead as he is, I respect Aziz's decision to bail on the insider game when his source was let go. A lot of these website probably had a source at some point, doubled down on it and made a career out of it, and now they're left scouring Twitter for tidbits to try and...
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    Houston RT Grad Transfer Jarrid Williams enters Portal

    If he's scared of facing our DEs then he's a hard pass for me. His only consideration should be strength of schedule. Which College is going to allow him to showcase his talents against the best players possible?
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    Houston RT Grad Transfer Jarrid Williams enters Portal

    Kids? People in general.
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    TV Shows...endings

    It was called 'return 0' and was pretty final!
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    TV Shows...endings

    Person of Interest. Burn Notice (this is how I view Miami btw, having yet to visit). Angel. Deep Space 9. Breaking Bad (although the last episode was a little dip in quality). Firefly (too soon!).
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    TV Shows...endings

    I guess I just have a sixth sense for these shows. I watched the first series of The Blacklist and realised it wasn't going anywhere. The X-Files lost it's way when Duchovny left.
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    TV Shows...endings

    I'm not having that. If you didn't bail on Lost at the start of the second season, I've no sympathy for you. It was clear, when they didn't answer the cliffhanger of season one, that they were making it up as they went along. Hacks.
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    TV Shows...endings

    They'd have had to hire better writers first. Every great scene in GOTs is ripped straight from the books. I feel sorry for Dumb & Dumber in a way because George RR Martin absolutely fucked them. He's STILL not finished the fucking books (and never will). That said, with all the money HBO were...
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    Jensen Beach DB Offered Today - Da'Quan Gonzales , 2021

    Serious Q, when a team like Duke sees the rest of that list they stop wasting their time recruiting him, right?
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    Houston RT Grad Transfer Jarrid Williams enters Portal

    It makes you wonder how successful he could be. TNM stuff last year with the swag was easy to like / buy into. But after the disaster of last season, to accomplish what he has this offseason is remarkable. If he could just put a winning product on the field I think the sky's the limit.
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    D’Eriq King holding teammates accountable

    I don't care who he's shagging. I care that he's been anonymous on the football field for 4 years.
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    POLL - Will you attend a major sporting event this year?

    I was planning on attending one of the Sept home games in Miami. Not anymore. Assuming 'soccer' and rugby league allows crowds, I'll be watching Blackburn Rovers and Wigan Warriors this year. Probably a stretch to call them 'major sporting events' though!
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    CB Knowles building bonds with Miami staff

    I mean technically they won a NC in 2013..... but yes, they're currently a bad team.
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    North Shore QB Dematrius Davis

    Isn't Bo Nix a Sophmore too? Kid is going to be sitting for at least two years.
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    KR and PR

    When you have a good STs unit in College it mainly just indicates that you've got crazy depth. That's mostly why our STs unit has been shite for a decade.