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    Jake Garcia 4 star 2021 QB from California offered today

    Miami- “I really like Manny Diaz and Dan Enos a lot. They’re great coaches and great people and I really connected well with the entire coaching staff. I had a great visit there and I think they’re going to be doing some special things. I can’t wait to see the new system they’re putting in, how...
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    Kelvin Joseph LSU transfer portal

    LSU boards are saying he wanted to play safety. I would take him either way.
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    Summer A enrollees

    The last day for enrollment is Wednesday for Summer A.
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    Summer A enrollees

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    Summer A enrollees

    Couch is here.
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    Jalen Rivers

    Ivins with the CB for Rivers.
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    Summer A enrollees

    Getting both CBs here for Summer A will be huge.
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    Summer A enrollees

    From viewing Social Media and articles from TOS it seems like these guys are enrolling soon. Please feel free to add more guys you know are enrolling. Chigozie Nnoruka DT Te'Cory Couch CB Jakai Clark C Sam Brooks LB Trevon Hill DE Louis Hedley P
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    Hodges Commits

    247 reporting that he had 28 pass break ups and 7 Interceptions last year.
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    Justin hodges jumping out the gym.

    Just got a CB from Ivins.
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    Tecory couch under armour week

    I usually go with 247 for measurables.
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    Tecory couch under armour week

    If I'm not mistaken around 170.
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    Tecory couch under armour week

    Per CS. Is set to arrive this month. Has added on 19 pounds which is excellent news.
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    3-star 2020 LB AJ Mathis offered

    Another CB from the Auburn insider.
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    Chigozie Nnoruka- Officially a Cane

    Per CS plans to report to Miami May 20. Expects to pick up defensive quickly.