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    OT: Mike Elko staying as DC for Texas A&M (Manny Diaz HC watch)

    Makes the most sense... If his defense repeats its performance from this past year, he'll be in line for a legit Power 5 coaching job... several tiers above that of Temple
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    Jadon Haselwood decommits from Georgia

    HAHAHAHAHA.... truth
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    OT: period drama enthusiasts

    Greatest show on TV... like it more than GoT
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    PODCAST: The "This is Fine" Offensive Recruiting Breakdown Ft. Kyle Liburd

    In that scenario you take the Bain offer 100% of the time. If we are talking about BCG or McKinsey offering first, then that's a different story... Not sure the scenario you describe fits, but overall I get the point.
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    Nunn Makes it Official

    I know amigo
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    Nunn Makes it Official

    Whoa... hell of a name drop there!
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    Class Impact: Cornelius Nunn to Miami

    FYI Rivals has him and Crowley as two Florida prospects on the rise, both will most likely be getting a fourth star in their next rankings. Cornelius Nunn Nunn has taken over more than one game this season and his versatility and speed are becoming impossible to deny. The three-star prospect...
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    Nunn Makes it Official

    You've piqued my interest...
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    Marcus Crowley 2018 Mid Season Highlights

    Looks like Crowley and Nunn are finally getting that 4 star by Rivals. Marcus Crowley Crowley continues to post gaudy rushing totals including back-to-back 200-plus-yard efforts. The Miami commit is running with more power and has shown an ability to routinely break tackles this season. The...
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    Wiltfong - Tyrique Stevenson

    November or early December... two more cycles
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    Recruiting buzz

    Agreed... kid is going to be a monster for us when he adds some technique to compliment his bull rush
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    Jadon Haselwood decommits from Georgia

    I took his comment as a “generality” in terms of how we react to our recruits vs others... with that being said, Haselwood has been a top 5 prospect in this class for over a year. The comments about his speed are laughable, he’s been clocked at 4.5 in the forty and 4.25 in the short shuttle.
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    Canes on the rise with Del Rio after FSU game visit

    Thanks Stefan! Seems like he is a priority for the 2021 class. Curious to see if Kiael Kelly (Kenny's son) ends up being a target for us, he's getting alot of hype as well.
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    Wiltfong - Tyrique Stevenson

    Dear God, please...
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    Wiltfong - Tyrique Stevenson

    Greater need at Safety next year... unless someone like Blades or Frierson moves to Safety