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    The Opening Miami: Live Thread Updates

    Guess we both have challenges with "reading comprehension" LOL
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    The Opening Miami: Live Thread Updates

    See below for a link on how to improve your writing skills...
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    The Opening Miami: Live Thread Updates

    4.55 is a bad time for a HS Junior?!? :6fps6:
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    Caziah Holmes

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    Henry Parrish, 2020 RB

    I’m sure Bogle and Stevenson were “genuinely considering” Miami... at least from the staffs perspective. Not sure how someone can make an accurate assessment on that.
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    Baker visits with Louisiana 4-star DE Williams, extends offer

    WTF... It's a recruiting update.
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    2020 Elite Recruits to Watch

    Need to try and get all the kids that de-committed back on-board.
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    Justin Fields to O$U

    Wish we had that sort of QB problem...
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    Jeff Scott as OC?

    Dear God that would be an AMAZING hire from a recruiting standpoint... he's one of the BEST in the game at recruiting.
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    Candidates for WR Coach

    We deserve this!
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    Candidates for WR Coach

    ACE Recruiter!!! yes
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    Jadon Haselwood decommits from Georgia

    Where is Jadon going?
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    I want to believe...
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    OT: Mike Elko staying as DC for Texas A&M (Manny Diaz HC watch)

    Makes the most sense... If his defense repeats its performance from this past year, he'll be in line for a legit Power 5 coaching job... several tiers above that of Temple