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    Ruben Hyppolite

    Cave is elite and Mathis is a take... but I agree with your overall sentiment
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    2020 4-star WR Michael Redding

    Works for me... kid has HUGE upside and talent similar to Ryan Moore, albeit it never materialized for him
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    2020 4-star WR Michael Redding

    Hopefully they keep Willie for as long as possible!
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    2020 4-star WR Michael Redding

    F*CK YES I don’t want to get my hopes up... but as I said earlier, this kid is ELITE
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    2020 4-star WR Michael Redding

    Appreciate the update! Would be HUGE if we land this kid. He’s a borderline 5 star talent, similar to Chaney.
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    Khalil Brantley

    Nah there was a time period in between where Brian Monroe was our WR4 The dark ages...
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    Note on Tirek Austin-Cave official visit

    We win 10 games this season ... our class will feel that
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    2020 LB Tirek Austin-Cave receives offer

    Him, Flowe, and Simpson are the best LBs we are recruiting... We need to close on him soon and hold off the other big programs that will most likely offer during his Senior year
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    2020 Freshman 15: June Edition

    OU, OSU, and UGA are in play for several high profile guys ... Evans, Milton, Berger, Robinson Hopefully we lock up Knighton in a couple of months
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    2020 4-star WR Michael Redding

    Yes please!
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    Manny with the bat signal

    Harrison Smith IMO
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    Somewhat OT: Henry Gray not going to school in Florida

    He's still showing as a high 4 star on 247.... got a link to that post?
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    OT: NBA lottery

    I’m sorry but where is the value in the 4 pick overall? There is a monumental drop off in talent after the top 3 picks
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    McCluster announcing tomorrow

    Interesting take... its possible
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    Avantae Williams

    Evidence provided LOL.... such an out of place picture