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    Recruiting update

    I'll still take Francois. Get Harrell on board sooner rather than later and get Francois back by signing day. That puts us in a way better spot than what we had in Francois and Hodges.
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    Recruiting update

    Don't like hearing that about Brinson and Kinchens. I get it, though. These kids can go anywhere. Stock had a very encouraging article about Don Chaney. Interviewed him after game this week. Sounds locked in at least in that article.
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    Coaching staff/Rousseau

    Rousseau such a freak. If he pops 10+ sacks this year and next year (no doubt he will), he'll be a first round draft pick as a redshirt SO that leaves early. Wowsers...
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    Sam Brooks

    I'm with you. Get. Him. In. The. Game. If Huff and Brooks are so much more physically gifted than our current crew, just unsure if they are as heady. You pair them up with heady guys like TAC and Flagg, and we got something going at LB.
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    And for how shitty all of us feel now about our team, I'm there, too, they are still more exciting to watch than last year! Jarren's going to start willing us to 30-point games. May not win all of of them, but they'll be more fun to watch.
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    8-4, win bowl game, 9-4 going into next year and recruiting mojo is similar to 2017 class. We then pop a 2020 like 2017 with the key difference being we have a LEGIT and experienced QB with lots of talent around him. That equates to what we've so badly coveted the 10-win season. We gotta stay...
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    And definitely And definitely a line-up to use when folks are going air-raid on us.
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    I'm a Shaq fan and disagree with him not necessarily being up to standard. Nevertheless this line-up here is intriguing. We'd be small but gamey.
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    Rousseau in line for more playing time after fast start to the season

    Still feel we are VERY deep at DE, but film doesn't lie, and he is one that's producing and is showing some fire after making plays. Gotta have that. Play The Tarantula....
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    Attending Game for First Time, V-Tech

    Feeling #TNM at the highest level this off-season, I went ahead and booked a vacation to Miami (I'm from rural Kansas) for Thursday-Sunday the weekend of the V Tech game. Despite the 0-2 start, I'm committed to watching my first Canes game at Hard Rock. I'm 0-3 in attending games, losing to...
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    ESPN +

    Sling Sports Extra package is the ticket. I just added.
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    youtube TV

    If you have Sling, it's now in the Sports Extra package. Only 10 bucks per month and you get a ton of other channels. I'll probably keep even post football season.
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    Class Impact: Henry Gray exits

    I asked this question in another read, but maybe this is more appropriate place. Do you think there's a chance we circle back around on him? Noticed several predictions move to foggy recently, including Ivins. Makes me wonder if he's back in the fold for us? I know he's dropped in the...
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    2020 Freshman 15: July Edition

    Do we circle back around on Henry Gray? Seems like Manny and company are finding success getting kids to "re-commit" like the South Dade kids or at least back in the fold/lead for kids that were leans before last year's debacle of a season (Rivers and Chantz, for example). I know folks have...
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    Chantz Williams

    This is a big win for the TNM in that.. Wasn't it Hartley that was supposed to bring us Rivers and Williams as underclassmen? I just remember him parading them around when they visited summer of 2018. Wasn't it Brown that was supposed to bring us Chaney? We have 2/3 of the South Dade trio...