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    When did the culture Problems start?

    under golden id assume. richt took over a roster with a lot of 3 stars too, people been saying for years Miami players cared more about Miami lifestyle then winning. have had recruits going back to matt patchan said that. so its been a while. its a thing has to change. and I think diaz is gonna...
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    Better off season 2019 vs 2020

    he hasn't been. a turnover machine. and lashlee has a history of improving the offense at every stop. UConn went from 14. something pts to 23. something. his offenses end up 30 pts area or above almost every year. exception 17 with UConn who gained 9 pts a game and 15 with auburn. they have...
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    Better off season 2019 vs 2020

    if u want to really compare its easier to do this 2020 lashlee > 2019 enos by alot 2020 D'eriq king> Tate martell, 50 tds in 2018 season 12 tds in 4 games in 19 vs martell potential 2020 Oline coach justices > barry. justice is well regarded in coaching circles and put guys on all conference at...
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    🚨 BREAKING NEWS - Rob Likens expected to be named WR coach 🚨

    that wr is brandon aiyuk. he is actually better then harry. its a good hire. as for recruiting wr's Miami gets wrs. its not a position we have issues finding talent at.
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    More truth...CIS haters hate truth....

    i think that went back to searles. he had issues recruiting. and even before that. first thing richt said when came in was had 0 tackles on roster a lot of gaurds. so our oline recruiting been bad for years. barry played the guys who were the best. hopefully the new scheme and justice can get...
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    Yikes manny throwing shade. (Siap)

    the lack of maturity and work ethic was obvious man. but who is there to lead the qbs? no one. how was there to lead the wrs jt4 was in that room anything Osborne could do jt4 ruined. diaz should never brought jt4 back to this team. talent or not his diva attitude wasn't worth the lack of...
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    More truth...CIS haters hate truth....

    he is right. I have said this before especially on oline. how many olines with 3 freshman 2 sophmores in your top 6 are good. not many. this team is so young last year and th is one also. our qb was a rs fresh. the fact is lack leadership in a lot of places cause they don't have vets needed to...
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    Lashlee, What u guys think ?

    I think the difference is that for first time in 15 yrs we are leaving behind the old pro style going to an up tempo spread. I understand the reluctance to be excited but get excited. Cause this team is gonna run plays that protect the oline get ball into playmakers hands and let them make...
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    Butch Barry out Garin Justise in at OL

    ben bedenbaugh of Oklahoma holds oline/co oc role with cale gundy who is also co-oc with inside wr job
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    WR's Coach Candidates

    why not he coached at Utah. and other teams with spread oc. its not like he only coached at airforce. or he only coached at Miami. guy has been around the block a bit. he also played for purdue. under joe tiller who ran a spread. the guy knows how to coach and play wr in a spread offense.
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    Details on Friday meeting between Blake James and large donors

    are we shocked. diaz better win. if he doesn't james wont have a job in 21. really when boosters want to help and u turn them down that's stupid
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    Ferman says no Zo

    we saw this coming right? I did. it was clear james didn't want to give up football, and diaz had 0 inclination to have a guy who was his boss in all things football. He wanted a yes man not a guy with real power in football ceo role. zo was never gonna take a role he had to answer to diaz. I...
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    Cap'n Obvious Reporting: Why don't we have an OC or at least final 3?

    a lot of times oc and pos coaches are inteviews at the coaching conference. might be waiting for that. or till all bowl games including cfp are done to interview a few people. say a brian hartline or clemsons other co oc. if were interested in them or even joe brady to gauge interest. I don't...
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    Spread offense depth chart

    martell isn't gonna be qb. unless we bring in a run first oc who wont pass at all martell wont be qb. qb is gonna be jarren again on day 1 of spring. and kosi as 2. matoch/Vandyke will have to earn right to be in conversation to be on 3 deep. jarren and kosi both fit a spread offense better...
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    We don't have money?

    he never looked at Mario. he said gonna do national search and diaz was on campus the same damn day. Diaz was his only choice at hc. lets not kid ourselves. as for richt I never said was on downside but he had no heart for doing what he had to and fire guys. His play calling was bad and his...