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    Deadspin Lights Up Manny Diaz

    I guess they would never write an article on any other coach in CFB that does this.
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    PODCAST: I Bet Miami Wins This Week Ft. Alejandro Manan

    Great Podcast. Team doesn’t quite know how to win yet, especially the coaching staff. Manny’s methodologies towards dominance sound great in theory, but he (and the rest of us) are quickly realizing that it’s not materializing on the field. He just seems to have everyone grossly unprepared. It’s...
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    Post Practise Pressers

    That NC loss really killed my vibe. Canes for life, but I’m no longer getting my hopes high. Taking it for what it is or isn’t. One day we’ll be back, I just hope it happens again in my lifetime.
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    Bubba Baxa...

    Look scared as **** on the sideline. It was then I knew it was over...
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    Same OLD SHITT

    The New Miami 🤔
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    Scott Patchan #71

    6 Years, Damn. 😂😂
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    ND Vs Louisville

    I bet Keith Brown hates L’Ville for stealing his career after spurning is too.
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    ND Vs Louisville

    Our opponents score responding touchdowns and we instantly label the schedule as tougher than we thought. Come bro, gotta do better man....
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    SMH Wisconsin....

    OLines are just what they do. Just like how South Fl produces speed and athleticism. That’s there formula and will never stop stocking the NFL w/ Lineman. They’ve had their share of good skill players too.
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    Manny is the right guy

    On the first game, with first time starters all over the field, in a new regime. It’s sucks, we know, but let the thing shake out. Did your boss ever fire axe you for figuring out how be a master on the first day on the the job?
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    Manny is the right guy

    He is the right man for all of the reasons you’ve mentioned. He has also won me over for wearing those “Bone White” Yeezy 500s that actually dropped that same Saturday. Yea, it’s doesn’t matter cuz we lost, but this man was dripping. All in all, we have a coach that understands what a winning...
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    Henry Parrish, 2020 RB

    Strengthen the stable! It’s not like we didn’t have Portis, Willie, Gore and Co. in one backfield.
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    I hope JT doesn't think he can leave early

    One game doesn’t determine anyone’s draft status. Plus, there are several teams are driven on selecting kids based on potential. That’s that a part of the fabric of recruitment and evaluation. I can most certainly bet he is heavily woven back into the game plan and goes OFF for the rest of...
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    Jeff Thomas...

    Whatever bro, excuse me for having a life and not frying my eyes in the boards like you do.
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    Jeff Thomas...

    He has to catch this...🤦🏾‍♂️