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    What if there's no season...

    King would be gone and Nkosi would once again start😫
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    Washington St DB who wore 26 to honor Sean T dies

    🙏 to friends and family.
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    Duke Johnson Appreciation Post

    Loved the Duke. All Miami and a stud. Folks forget Chuck Foreman was a beast too
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    Avantae Williams-Kick Returner and RB

    He can drop kick
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    Bubba Bolden

    dont know either. If there’s no season curious to see how all the eligibility stuff works. Can king do another year of grad work etc?
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    OT: Rock/Metal Fans

    Terry Kath was a great player, one of my favorites🤟
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    OT: Rock/Metal Fans

    The Whitesnake Slide it in album (US version) was a killer with John Sykes on guitar (from thin Lizzy), Cozy Powell (sabbath) on drums and the late John Lord (deep purple) on keys. Coverdales vocals were awesome on there too.
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    OT: Rock/Metal Fans

    My fisrt was KISS at the Hollywood sportatorium, 1979 with Pat Travers opening. Great show🤟
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    OT - What Happened to Yatil Green?

    He’ll of an athlete. His combine numbers: 6’2, 199. 4.41 40, a 40.5 inch vertical, 20 yard split 2.61, 10 yard split 1.59, 20 yard shuttle 4.17, three cone in 7.51, and 60 yard shuttle in 11.53. I believe his short area numbers are pretty good for someone his size.
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    OT - What Happened to Yatil Green?

    First day or so of camp I recall. He was smoken DBs. On knee shredding, he ran past DB and Dan under threw him. Somewhere in coming back for ball etc is when it happened. He was a mega talent. Fin fans were super stoked when we picked him.
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    PODCAST: Spring Buzz ft. D$

    Real good podcast D and good timing with all the crap going on. Does it look like Pope and Wiggins developing...I know they haven’t had much time with the new staff.
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    OT - What Happened to Yatil Green?

    Was one of my favorites. Had some great catches against Ef es who. Tough luck ref the knee stuff
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    Eye opening quote from Mallory

    He put on readers in the huddle
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    🚨 BREAKING NEWS - Telly Lockette joining the staff 🚨

    Because the majority on here said he couldn’t recruit. That is my perception. Folks were then Alright w his hire and backed Manny again.