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  • Whats the deal on Drew and his sports agency
    What are u hearing for the 2018 class .
    Didn't want to question you on the forums like some of these other "subscribers" are doing. Just felt like putting forth my own input through a message. First off I appreciate your insight and hope that the haters don't turn you away from providing you knowledge within the program (Zbrod for example). Secondly, I was hoping maybe you could share some footage of your nephews games this upcoming season. I saw his sophomore camp film highlights and he looked slow and lackadaisical. However, the transformation from sophomore to junior was ridiculously evident. He showed great improvement, and was a highlight machine. Seeing as you are on our boards I hope that makes you a Miami fan and hopefully your nephew is as well because I would love to have him in next year's class. Once again thank you very much for all the info you bring to the table.
    Hit me up on Facebook u will see me on several Miami boards
    Nah. We're fine at wr. No one has wanted to listen fan wise when I've said were not making reciever much of a priority this class due to the amount of monsters we are bringing in that are already on board for 18. We should be fine for devonta & possibly this kid from cali. Past that were probably gonna take in 1 transfer. Overall we feel like we're alot better at wr than most people realize. Trust me dugans is a monster & one of our biggest pieces in rebuilding everything
    What's going at wr we seem to be in a bad place . Dugan hasn't done nothing so far
    Not really sure bud. Name sounds familiar but I'm more on faces unless I really know the person.
    Who is David cooney that's my guess who is joing Miami staff
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